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@WWW.ALBTECHNO.COM@YOU@WILL@FIND@ALL@ABOUT@TECHNOLOGY @LATEST @TECHNOLOGY@ELECTRONIC @SMARTPHONE @COMPUTER @TECHNO @TECHNO NEWS @TECHNOLOGY @SCIENCE @IPHONE @ANDROID @SAMSUNG @WINDOWS @HUMAN SCIENCE ...etc Ne kete website ju do te informoheni percdo gje rreth teknologjise me informacionet me te fundit te eknologjise nga e gjithe bota. @Olsin Pisli @Olsin @Pisli @www.albtechno.com @albtechno , Be a enterprenuer , a website owner , be proactive , be active , change your life ,.Thanks to new technology that transforms MRI and ultrasound data into a 3-D virtual reality model of a fetus, according to research being presented next week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).Unknown Object3D virtual model MRI view of fetus at 26 weeks.Parents may soon be able to watch their unborn babies grow in realistic 3-D immersive visualizations, thanks to new technology that transforms MRI and ultrasound data into a 3-D virtual reality model of a fetus.Researchers in Brazil created virtual reality 3-D models based on fetal MRI results. Sequentially-mounted MRI slices are used to begin construction of the model. A segmentation process follows in which the physician selects the body parts to be reconstructed in 3-D. Once an accurate 3-D model is created -- including the womb, umbilical cord, placenta and fetus -- the virtual reality device can be programmed to incorporate the modelMRI provides high-resolution fetal and placental imaging with excellent contrast. It is generally used in fetal evaluation when ultrasound cannot provide sufficiently high-quality images.The technology has numerous potential applications, including assessment of fetal airway patency. Airway patency, or the state of airways being open and unblocked, is an important issue for a developing fetus. For example, if ultrasound showed an abnormal mass near the fetal airway, physicians could use the 3-D images and the headset to assess the entire length of the airway and make better informed decisions about delivery.The researchers have used the technique on patients at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro, including cases where the fetus had evidence of an abnormality that required postnatal surgery. They hope to use the technology more broadly over the next year.Story Source:Materials provided by Radiological Society of North America. Note: Content may be edited ,HomeComputersSmartphoneScienceContact Us Powered By:: , Olsin Pisli , :::: Alb techno :: ALBANIAN ,LG will launch its G6 smartphone with Google voice assistant service next month, media reported.According to Yonhap news agency, LG agreed with Google last year to feature the assistant and is in the final stage of stabilising the software before unveiling the model just ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) scheduled to take place from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona.iPhone already has its voice assistant Siri and Samsung is reportedly working on its own smart assistant for Galaxy S8 called Bixby.LG G6 will be equipped with "heat pipes" for better cooling as part of its efforts to strengthen product safety. This technology lowers the temperature of the processor by some 6-10 percent by dispersing heat and helping prevent it from reaching the battery cell.LG G6 may come integrated with Google AssistantLG will unveil its next flagship at MWC in FebruaryLG G6 will also have a battery cooling feature , TECHNOLOGYWELLCOME Apple looks to appeal to users with all different tastes and interests, and the upcoming iPhone 7 looks to do just that. So much talk is on the personal uses of smartphones, but the latest rumors will appeal to business and personal interests alike.A built in projector looks to be one of the biggest iPhone 7 rumors. The projector is believed to emulate from the top of the phone and will project anything on-screen to a screen or a light colored wall. We’ve seen add-ons that have the same premise, but phone case like fixtures are either too bulky or poor in quality.SmartPhonesVAIO, which stands for Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer, was first introduced 18 years ago in 1996.While VAIO and bio sound identical in Japanese, the VAIO name also has a phonetic connection to the word violet. Sony started building its PCs with purple color schemes, and the firm has transformed the brand into a name that has been associated with high-end computers ever since.VAIO might not be dead yet, but take a moment to look back at some of Sony’s historic, beautiful, expensive, and crazy PC creations.Computers Get this award-winning writing appDecember 20, 2016 05:52 am | technonewsShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggLinkedIn Microsoft Word is great for writing simple documents, but for assignments, novels, or even writing a thesis – not so much.Price: US$20This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post, in partnership with StackCommerce. We carefully vet all courses to make sure they're relevant to our readers, and share in the profits of any sales.Professionals and students are using Scrivener – a writing program that lets you outline your ideas, take notes, and view research all at once.The idea is that no matter how large an essay you have to write, or how long you want your novel to be, there will always be smaller parts or chapters.Scrivener lets you move those chapters around with ease, as well as letting you review particular sections of your work, in ways that Word can’t even comprehend. So it’s pretty much ideal for that research paper.We’ve teamed up with Stack Commerce to offer you a discount for the New Year – pick up the program for only $20 – that’s half the recommended retail price. Sorry Mac users, PC’s only for this one.It will give you the product for a lifetime once you redeem it, plus lets you install Scrivener onto multiple computers in your household.Trust us, your proof-readers and professors will thank you.1 Minute's Income to Settle Hazardous Waste Case technonewsShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggLinkedInAppleGoogle's self-driving car projectThe self-driving projectBe the Next Einstein !!!Will Artificial Intelligence Be the Next Einstein?Forget the Terminator. The next robot on the horizon may be wearing a lab coat.Artificial intelligenceBest charging cablesresolutions Get fit with technologySmartwatches and fitness bands Manage your digital reputationSpring clean in summer, autumn and winterSamsung makes its Gear smartwatches more attractiveGear S2 ownersSamsung is now the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, accounting for almost one in five sales worldwide.Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus What's the difference?BEST DEALS FOR APPLE IPHONE 7 : Best iPhone 7 Deals & ContractsIPHONE 7 PLUS VS SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 – DESIGNAs BEST DEALS FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7UNG GALAXY NOTE 7 – SOFTWARE , IPHONE 7 PLUS VS SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 – STORAGE: APPLE GIVES YOU MORE FIXED OPTIONSGALAXY NOTE 7 VS IPHONE 7 – FIRST IMPRESSIONS , Apple Jack Up App Prices in UK,Global apps still need to penetrate the UK market," he told the E-Commerce Times."The cost to acquire a user may increase," McGinty continued, "but it's really tough to say definitively at this time, since there are more influencing factors than just apps costing more to buy on the Apple App Store."Over the last six months, the pound's value has dropped 18.5 percent against the U.S. dollar. It briefly fell below US$1.20 on Monday, after UK Prime Minister Theresa May declared her ambitions for a "hard" exit from the EU.everal factors influence App Store price tiers internationally, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business, Apple said, noting that the factors vary by region and over time.App Store price increases also are ahead for India, due to changes in service taxes, and Turkey, due to depreciation in the Turkish lira, Apple said. Changes in pricing at the UK App Store are due to the declining value of the British pound since the UK's vote last year to leave the European Union.ews of the app price hikes coincided with the UK Office of National Statistics' announcement that inflation in the country has surged 1.6 percent, fueled by rising prices in air fares, food and motor fuels.Under the new pricing, an app that cost 99 cents in the U.S. App Store and sold for 79 pence in the UK will instead cost 99 pence.The prices of more expensive apps will jump more. The cost of a Pound 1.49 app will increase to Pound 1.99, while premium apps, like Super Mario Run, will rise from Pound 7.99 to Pound 9.99.Consumers still have a window of a few days during which they can buy apps at the old prices. The new pricing scheme is expected to take effect early next week.It's also expected that within of few weeks of the App Store price increases taking effect, prices will jump in Apple's iTunes and iBooks stores.Brexit or Strong Dollar?It's of interest that the price increases in the App Store more than offset the decline in the pound since the Brexit vote. That might be Apple's nod to financial analysts' forecasts that the pound's fall hasn't bottomed out yet.Apple isn't the only company boosting prices because of currency fluctuations. Both Tesla and HTC announced price jumps in October -- just about the time Apple was hiking prices by 20 percent across its Macintosh computer line and Microsoft was announcing price increases of 22 percent for British businesses.Those hikes might have been in response to general currency trends, however."This has less to do with Brexit and more to do with the strength of the U.S. dollar," said Patrick Moorhead, founder and principal analyst with Moor Insights and Strategy."The U.S. dollar has strengthened 20 percent over the past few years compared to most other currencies. Apple needed to raise prices to make the developers whole," he told the E-Commerce Times. "Every U .S. company has had to raise prices or lose profits."Sales ImpactNevertheless, Brexit is having a significant impact on global business, noted Adam Jackson, director of public affairs and policy at Grant Thornton UK."Businesses around the world are assessing the impact of a weaker pound -- whether in terms of opportunities for investment in the UK, supply chain costs and savings, [or] retail pricing," he told the E-Commerce Times."Any business should, like Apple, be reviewing the risks and opportunities and factoring this into their strategy," added Jackson.Is Apple taking a risk by boosting app prices?"That's impossible to forecast accurately, but the cost of most apps is generally modest, so I doubt the impact will be huge," said Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.However, "higher-priced apps could be affected more seriously," he told the E-Commerce Times.Android Will Follow SuitHigher prices or not, the UK is going to remain a key English-speaking market for developers, noted Matt McGinty, chief revenue officer at Fiksu DSP.The price increases could have an impact on where developers first test their English apps. They might choose to spend their test dollars in New Zealand or Canada, he explained.Once Apple's new rates take effect, Android developers will follow suit, McGinty predicted.Lithium-ion batteries are found in controversial devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and hoverboards. They contain components that are highly flammable -- a short circuit, for example, can heat up quickly and cause a fire.But the team of researchers have designed one with a cylindrical-polymer shell containing flame retardant. It successfully opened when the battery reached 160 degrees Celsius to prevent an explosion.Scientists have long grappled with flame retardant additives in batteries. Previous efforts include adding chemicals directly into the battery components to reduce its performance.But Stanford team said the latest method separates the chemicals until there's a fire risk, without affecting performance.This battery tech likely won't make it into cars or phones anytime soon, but the researchers hope it could one day impact the products we use.Researchers want to make sure batteries stop exploding.What if we could help the Earth and ourselves get cooler?Hadar combines art and science by using the natural power from the sun to fuel and create his handmade electric bikes. Aside from a one-time payment at purchase, there’s virtually no cost with these beauties. Say goodbye to stopping and spending thousands of dollars over the course of a machine’s lifetime to get from one place to thenext.I spent over $60 a week to get to and from school in my beat up Jeep Liberty when I was in high school. It definitely turned heads, but not because of any cool factor.Using the natural power of the Sun and a bunch of creativity, Hadar has created a new, sexy, eco-conscious form of transportation.Those emissions given off by our preferred mode of travel mix in with the air we breathe, as well as the Earth’s atmosphere. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but this is not a good thing.Hadar reminds us that the Earth is a powerful place.Instead of trying to change the Earth and force it to give us what we want, we should to work with it, striving for the health and happiness of all beings that live here by supporting the only globe we roam.Check out a few other articles we’ve featured here on EWC that use the fusion of art, design and science to move us forward, such as these beautiful cells and bacteria or the way this specially designed place for the deaf population can change each of our lives. Mega Holdings ,ECD, ECD plus,Megaholdings, A whole lot of people watched VR porn ,2016 was, in many ways, VR’s inaugural year. There’s a lot to expect in 2017 on the VR front more popular VR adult entertainment is definitely anticipated.Pornhub is one of many legacy adult entertainment sites tackling virtual reality content.VR porn seems to be one of the few sure bets in terms of use cases, and, furthermore, it’s one of the few verticals that will likely remain untouched by the tech titans, like Google and Facebook.The adult entertainment industry has long been a silent driver of new technologies, from ISPs to graphics cards. With virtual reality, many see porn as one of the more obvious use cases that could lead to heavy headset adoption early on.Today, Pornhub, which is the 50th most visited website on the internet, released some data that shows some of the early success the site has had since introducing a VR porn section in April of 2016.Interestingly, the report highlights that VR porn content largely hasn’t taken hold of the United States compared to other markets. Here are the top 10 countries searching for VR porn on Pornhub:China,Thailand,Hong Kong,Philippines,Norway , FCA Test-Drive New Open Source Infotainment System , Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles this week showcased a new in-auto infotainment platform at CES in Las Vegas. The open source system combines Uconnect with Android Auto.The integration of Android and Uconnect enables a system built for connectivity and compatibility with the universe of popular Android applications. The demo highlighted integration with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and popular Android apps including Pandora, Spotify, NPR One and Pocket Casts.The latest version of Android Auto includes core infotainment features such as radio and comfort controls."The computerization of automobiles has been progressing rapidly, but less clear has been the process through which automakers will embrace digital entertainment," he told LinuxInsider.How does heightened attention improve our mental capacity? This is the question tackled by new research, which reveals a chemical signal released across the brain in response to attention demanding or arousing situations.New research could lead to ways of enhancing cognitive function to counteract the effects of diseases such as Alzheimer's and schizophrenia, as well as enhancing memory in healthy people.Unknown ObjectThe new discoveries indicate how current drugs used in the treatment of Alzheimer's, designed to boost this chemical signal, counter the symptoms of dementia. The results could also lead to new ways of enhancing cognitive function to counteract the effects of diseases such as Alzheimer's and schizophrenia, as well as enhancing memory in healthy people.The fluctuations are coordinated across the brain indicating a brain-wide signal to increase mental capacity with specific spikes in acetylcholine release occurring at particularly arousing times such as gaining reward."These findings are about how brain state is regulated and updated on a rapid basis to optimise the encoding of memory and cognitive performance. Many current and future drug therapies for a wide range of brain disorders including Alzheimer's and schizophrenia are designed to target chemical systems such as acetylcholine so understanding when they are active and therefore how they function will be crucial for their future development and clinical use."The research team involved the University of Bristol's Centre for Synaptic Plasticity within the School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience and the University of Maynooth department of Chemistry in collaboration with researchers at Lilly. The work was supported by the Wellcome Trust, BBSRC and Lilly.Story Source:Materials provided by University of Bristol. Note: Content may be edited for style. "Major players, particularly Apple, have been moving in that direction -- but there have been suggestions that automakers would prefer to avoid highly proprietary technologies and platforms."Mixed ReviewsThe Android Auto-Uconnect integration may fall short of Earth-shattering, as it is powered by existing technology.The innovation is based on an open source operating system that includes some proven apps. Android is based on Linux, arguably the most popular operating system in IoT because it is free and can be stripped back to limit resource consumption, observed Mike Pittenger, vice president of security strategy at Black Duck.Benevolent ProgressThe agreement between FCA and Google certainly supports the trend, King said, noting that Android offers a highly open and edible environment for building automobile entertainment systems.ECD Plus by Megaholdings pronounced at jannuary 2017 .ECD Plus platform is the platform of the latest and sophisticated built by Mega Holdings company for 2017 and those to come. The platform enables everyone from 7-77 years of age have the opportunity to build his own web page without having to have knowledge about this fushë.Qëllimi of ECD Plus is the variety of commands to build and more simplicity to be used by anyone .it what makes it even more different and special is that users have the panel, it can be used in language Shqipe.Pra you will have any opportunity to build your web site as completely as you want pavarur.Dicka else makes it even more interesting and competitive ECD Plus is the fact that there will always be update with the latest innovations in building commands the website. Use of this platform is expected to become possible in January (preferably directly in Albanian) .In addition, Mega Holdings training staff Balkan will start training for the use of ECD Plus clients and our associates.Latest Windows Version Against HackersWindows 10 Anniversary Update has introduced many mitigation techniques in core Windows components and the Microsoft Edge browser, helping protect customers from entire classes of exploits for very recent and even undisclosed vulnerabilities, Matt Oh and Elia Florio of Microsoft's Windows Defender ATP Research Team wrote in an online post last weekCountering unidentified vulnerabilities -- also known as "zero day" vulnerabilities -- is particularly important because they are a powerful tool used to penetrate systems and steal data by attackers, especially those working for nation-states.Microsoft has fortified the latest version of Windows to make it more secure than previous editions, but the strongest protections will be available only to those willing to pay a steep price for them.Rather than focus on a single vulnerability, Microsoft is focusing on mitigation techniques that counter classes of exploits, Oh and Florio explained.For the most effective post-breach protection, customers should sign up for Windows Defender ATP, Oh and Florio suggested, a service that is available only to users of Windows Enterprise E5.That appears to be a departure from how Windows security was treated in the past, observed Michael Cherry, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft.Nevertheless, the security improvements in the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update are worthwhile for consumers.LG G6 ,will be the First Non-Pixel Phone to Pack Google AssistantJanuary 21, 2017 13:17 pm | technonewsShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggLinkedIn LG will launch its G6 smartphone with Google voice assistant service next month, media reported.According to Yonhap news agency, LG agreed with Google last year to feature the assistant and is in the final stage of stabilising the software before unveiling the model just ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) scheduled to take place from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona.iPhone already has its voice assistant Siri and Samsung is reportedly working on its own smart assistant for Galaxy S8 called Bixby.LG G6 will be equipped with "heat pipes" for better cooling as part of its efforts to strengthen product safety. This technology lowers the temperature of the processor by some 6-10 percent by dispersing heat and helping prevent it from reaching the battery cell.LG G6 may come integrated with Google AssistantLG will unveil its next flagship at MWC in FebruaryLG G6 will also have a battery cooling feature, Trump Clings to Personal Phone Despite Security RisksTrump was concerned about losing access to his personal phone even prior to taking his oath of office, the Times reported last fall, citing unnamed aides who told reporters he worried about how isolated he could become in the White House without his phone to keep in touch with friends.The president told a friend he had given up his phone as security officials urged him to do, the AP reported last week. It was unclear whether he would be using a heavily modified BlackBerry like the phone President Barack Obama carried, however.Trump nevertheless has continued to use his personal Android to tweet, according to multiple reports.President Donald J. Trump has continued to use his personal Android smartphone despite security concerns, The New York Times reported Wednesday.If the president were to limit his personal phone use to tweeting -- and it's not clear whether he has -- it still could pose a threat to national security.Obama's BlackBerry mobile phone was specially modified to be extra secure, even though BlackBerry devices, in general, are considered more secure than other phones.That's because BlackBerry isn't just a phone. It's also a network. Traffic from the phone is encrypted and sent to BlackBerry servers operated by the enterprises or government agencies. The traffic also is encrypted when it goes from the server to the Internet.The tradeoff for all that security, though, is performance.CES promises that this future not only will be amazing, but also will arrive far sooner than most expect CES was a fascinating show this year. One of the things that made it so fascinating was that everyone and their brother had cars demonstrating one form of technology or another. It kind of makes me wonder what we'll see at the next car show -- PCs, drones, tablets and smartphones?Unknown ObjectThat wasn't the only surprise at the show, though. Nvidia, long thought of as living in Intel's shadow, broke out, taking over the prime keynote spot in a big way and demonstrating that it has all but cornered the market for car brains.I'll close with my product of the week, the most important product at CES.Dell got there by bringing in a bunch of artists to help define the products. Animators, musicians and engineers worked together to create their dream tool, basically a touchscreen all-in-one with studio monitor speakers, incredible performance, and a touchscreen work surface that can transform into any digital interface the job requires.This interface can represent everything from digital musical instruments to an animator's canvas and digital ink. It can be pretty much anything the user or an application developer could imagine.Nvidia is now the fastest-growing company in the fortune 500, according to the head of CES, who opened for Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. I don't think many understand how amazing this is. Nvidia has long been viewed as a small player when compared to Intel. Like all of the PC companies, Nvidia bet heavy on mobile and lost badly. After its Tegra mobile platform seemed to crash and burn, many thought Nvidia was done.One of the most impressive marketing efforts I've ever seen is Corning's "A Day Made Of Glass." It is visionary, and it not only makes you believe in a future with tons of touchscreens and smart windows, but also makes you want to live in that future.Well, Corning pulled out all the stops at CES and commissioned a car with displays all across the dash, in the steering wheel, in the doors, and even replacing the license plate. It is actually a pretty decent car -- racy, electric, and apparently very fast. Sadly, I didn't get to drive it.It never really occurred to me that a true home robot solution would require a family of robots, each with different skills to complete tasks around the house. A small robot to greet you at the door and patrol the home protecting it from bandits could be supplemented by larger robots that could clean and maintain the home.CES marked the coming-out party for AMD's latest processor, now named "Ryzen." The company showcased some of the coolest PCs I've ever seen at its cocktail party, and I honestly had lust in my heart for a large number of them.Most of the PCs on display were water cooled, with water blocks for the major components. Some even had coolant that looked like blood. I thought I'd entered techno geek heaven, and it was hard not to drool every time I turned around.To macOSNow Apple’s Night Shift is coming to macOS. It just popped up in the latest 10.12.4 beta of Sierra, which is supposed to land alongside iOS 10.3. It's always a little sad to see an ingenious bit of software from a small upstart be copied by the Apple juggernaut ("Sherlocking," as it's called, due to Apple's notorious creation of Sherlock in response to an existing search product called Watson). Unknown ObjectStill, I eventually uninstalled F.lux because it was a little buggy, and I found living with a blue screen preferable to having my screen flash between orange and blue on occasion.The result? Less eye strain, and a lot of orange-tinted Netflix. Then last year Apple added a feature called "Night Shift" to iOS, which mirrored this functionality, after shutting down a version of F.lux for iOS.F.lux still exists for Android, Linux, and Windows (Microsoft is actually looking at including blue light reduction in Windows 10), so maybe it will live on. If not, at least it will be fondly remembered by me as the app that convinced me how horrible and life-sucking blue light really is.www.albtechno.com ,Zuckerberg makes like Spiderman in his latest teaser from Facebook’s research labsFebruary 10, 2017 11:18 am | technonewsShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggLinkedIn This technology isn’t going to arrive anytime soon, but it’s nice to see someone at least working on it.Who knows, maybe 5 years hence we’ll all be chasing each in VR, swinging from rooftop to rooftop in a very spidermen-like fashion, and accidentally swatting our cats off the table while we’re at it.VR and AR have promised us a future where we can lose ourselves in virtual worlds. The one thing stopping us from doing this now is, surprisingly, the controller.Ignoring the fact that proper VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are expensive, the experience, from a visual standpoint, is quite compelling. That said, interacting with the virtual world that the headset will take you to is far from compelling.HTC and Oculus both have touch controllers that can track your hand movements and, in the case of the Rift, a limited tracking of your fingers. Most controls still come down to button and trigger presses.Want to grab something? You point at it with the controller and press a button. It’s, well, not natural.An update from Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook which owns Oculus, indicates that the a fix is already in the works .As Zuckerberg himself says, “We’re working on new ways to bring your hands in virtual and augmented reality. Wearing these gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard, and even shoot webs like Spider Man. That’s what I’m doing here.”The rest of the images sow off some of the cool things that Facebook is working on, including a clean room, an anechoic chamber and a fancy machine for quickly prototyping the lenses used in VR headsets.This technology isn’t going to arrive anytime soon, but it’s nice to see someone at least working on it.5 Ways Technology is Shaping How You InvestFebruary 10, 2017 11:30 am | technonewsShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggLinkedIn Nearly every industry has benefited from the advent of “big data,” but what does that really mean for real estate? From a practical standpoint, it's a combination of two things:Real estate data sets have increasingly grown larger as we track more data over time, andImproved computing power and access to cloud storage have sped up the processing of that information.Together, these factors mean we’re now able to access and analyze higher volumes of data more quickly. As a result, real estate data companies can now deliver more insightful information to the investment community faster, allowing investors to make better decisions. We're getting to a point where we have the ability to continually access and analyze an abundance of information that wasn't even available before.When you think of the rapid evolution of technology, the first thing that comes to mind is likely self-driving cars or artificial intelligence, not the real estate industry. But just because the real estate industry is not at the forefront of the technological revolution, it doesn’t mean there aren’t exciting new developments happening in the sector – and some of them can benefit you as a real estate investor.One of the biggest time constraints on landlords is the day-to-day management of their investment properties. Whether it’s leasing vacant properties in the dead of winter or getting a call from a tenant at 3 a.m. to repair a broken water pipe, one of the most onerous parts of being a landlord can be the burden it imposes on schedules.The good news is that there are a slew of new, automated solutions coming online that can make your life easier. One such example is a company called Cozy, an online property management portal that offers useful solutions like free automated rent payments and background checks for a nominal fee.One of the biggest hindrances for investors purchasing outside of their local market area is not being able to walk a property or neighborhood in person. We have a biological need to trust what our eyes tell us, and the rapid evolution of virtual reality is making it easier to get to know somewhere that you’ve never actually been. Some investors are already using rudimentary virtual reality applications like Google Street View and PlanOmatic, which allow you to virtually wander neighborhoods and even see inside properties.Most of us think of drones as a cool toy or a militarized weapon, but they're quickly becoming an essential tool across many industries, including real estate. It may seem like Amazon is pioneering commercial drone use with package delivery, but, in fact, home inspection firms have been using them for several years to survey roof conditions. You may think that building materials and technology don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but scientists are making serious headway on more efficient, longer-lasting materials that ultimately reduce annual operating and maintenance costs, thus improving your bottom line. One recent advancement that stands out as a harbinger of things to come is self-healing concrete.These five technology advances are just the tip of the iceberg as the real estate industry continues to rapidly evolve, making the possibility of being a real estate investor less daunting (and more profitable) with each new application that comes to market.10 best ways to earn money from your website, but as the web evolves at an accelerated rate (and as a result, the way we engage with the web evolves), it’s ever the more important that our monetization methods evolve with it. If we want to monetize our websites effectively, it’s essential that we stay up-to-date with the current web and social trends.1. Cost-Per-Click AdsCost-Per-Click advertising (CPC for short) is still very relevant in 2016. CPC works by displaying ads on your website, and when a visitor clicks on one of those ads, your website generates revenue.Google AdSense (yes, it still exists!) is still a viable choice, but Infolinks might be a better alternative (you can use AdSense and Infolinks side-by-side to see what works best for you).First of all, Infolinks works by finding relevant keywords in your content and displaying ads when you hover over those keywords, which is far less intrusive than Adsense. Other than inline ads, Infolinks offers several other options, and a useful self-serve ad buying platform for those who’d like to boost their own traffic.Infolinks ads are also loaded after the content so that the ads don’t affect your website loading speeds. Despite still being the third largest ad marketplace, Infolinks actively try to help their publishers increase revenue, whereas AdSense tends to save these efforts for their more premium users.2. Cost-Per-Mille AdsCost-Per-Mille (CPM) basically means “cost-per-thousand-impressions” — it’s all about how much traffic your blog has.BuySellAds offers you 75% of the revenue share and pays out on-demand, and with no minimum traffic requirements, it becomes an ideal option for those starting out. Even better, you can substitute unsold space for AdSense ads, ensuring that you’re always making money. Personally, the only downside that I’ve noticed is that there’s a lot of competition among design blogs.Exponential (formerly Tribal Fusion) is at the other end of this spectrum, requiring a whopping 500,000 monthly views. That being said, the payout rates are very lucrative. Its highly targeted ads make it an excellent choice for niche websites, so it’s certainly something to aim towards while building up your audience with Adsense or BSA.FYI: Google AdSense also offers CPM advertising.3. Fixed-Price AdsFixed-price advertising is when you set a flat fee for your ads, a setup that tends to attract smaller advertisers with a very specific budget. I’d also recommend BuySellAds for this due their extensive range of tools that can help the smaller website (those with less than 100,000 impressions) sell their inventory directly to advertisers. Fixed pricing = clear expectations.4. Sponsored ContentSponsored content is a terrific way of monetizing your website without using up your screen real estate, for those that like to keep the focus on the content without distracting the user with web ads. Sponsored content is supposed to be cohesive with the webpage, as if the content would still be there even if it wasn’t sponsored to be. When you observe eye-tracking studies it’s clear that traditional ads tend to be ignored — that’s if they aren’t blocked by ad-blockers that is.Sponsored ads (sometimes called “advertorials”) can deliver relevant, useful, high-quality content, and when relevant content equals higher engagement, higher engagement equals more value, and more value equals more revenue. If you’re looking for a modern monetization method, make sure you consider sponsored content.Remember to stay in the ethical clear and disclose sponsorship, at the top of the content before the user invests time in reading the piece.Cooperatize and Taboola are two big names in this field.5. Subscriptions and PaywallsSubscription-based content isn’t anything new, but as traditional web ads start to fall out of favor, paywalled content can generate high income when done right and with integrity. It also gives you full control over what actually appears on your site. By paywalled content I mean online courses, ebooks, downloadable goodies and so on.Looking for inspiration? Check out Skillshare and Envato Tuts+, which offer both free and premium high-quality content side-by-side.6. Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is the underdog in this list. While networks like CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) still exist, affiliate marketing for the modern web works best when you connect directly with affiliates you feel are relevant to your website. Have a blog about iOS apps or books? Try the iTunes Affiliate Program. Sell design resources? Try promoting other makers on Creative Market. I’m a digital nomad that lives in a different country every month (and sometimes blogs about it), so the apartments that I live in and recommend via the Airbnb Referral Program can sometimes earn me a lot of Airbnb credits!Connect with affiliates that mean something to you. By working directly with affiliates you’ll find that the revenue share is a lot more competitive as well!7. Related PostsWhile this type of advertising does have a bit of a bad reputation for being spammy, there are a number of ad networks serving relevant, useful content — Disqus is making bold leaps with their “Sponsored Story” and “Sponsored Links” advertising that are built into the comment widget you might already be using. Even though Disqus take 50% of the revenue, you don’t really have much to lose if your website already has Disqus installed.8. Email AdvertisingEmail advertising falls into two categories: sponsored content and traditional display ads, both of which are effective. You can find advertisers using many of the same techniques as you would with web advertising (BuySellAds, having an “Advertise Here” webpage, etc) the difference is that email advertising doesn’t take up any screen real estate on your website and in fact engagement rates tend to be higher (users often know what areas of a website to avoid if they don’t want to see ads).9. Podcast AdvertisingPodcasting is a unique skill I must admit, but the results are, well, they’re good. Midroll claims that 61% of listeners made a purchase after listening to an advert, so it’s no wonder that their customers are pretty world class (Dunkin’ Donuts, HBO, Squarespace, etc). If you’re not much of writer but you’re not exactly shy either, podcasting could be for you.10. Selling Your WebsiteSelling your website may seem a little nonsensical. If your traffic is sky high, why sell it? If it’s too low, is it even worth it? Actually, it’s more common than you might think for high-traffic websites to have difficulty with monetization. Check out these ten reasons you might want to sell your site.Often enough, while a website might accumulate a tonne of visitors, somebody else might be able to monetize it better, and that’s why we have marketplaces (like Flippa, for example) where you can sell websites for a profit.Three Methods:Planning for SuccessExecutionRedoingMany people want to achieve success in life, but it's easier said than done. While they like to be successful, others accept to live their lives anyhow. The simple fact that you're reading this article indicates that you want to be different from others, and be successful in life.However, there are so many distractions that it can be challenging to discipline oneself to accomplish a monumental goal. By keeping the following advice in mind, however, you can dramatically increase your chances of becoming successful in whatever you choose to pursue.Method1Planning for SuccessImage titled Be Successful Step 11Start with a positive and fresh mind. Imagine becoming successful. Einstein said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge". The more vividly and accurately you imagine your success, the easier it will be for the rest of yourself to follow through. The same way engineers first imagine a bridge and then build it, you can be the engineer of your success, too.Dedicate a few minutes every day to imagining your success. Imagine yourself in a movie in which you are successful. What are you doing in the movie? What is your success like? Savor the feeling of your success, and use it as motivation to stoke your fire.Cultivate a healthy motivation when imagining your success. Successful people all believe in themselves and their missions. At the same time, you do not want to alienate other people with extreme narcissism. Understand that other people want to be just as successful as you do your goal should not be to trample over them to get what you want.Image titled Be Successful Step 22Find the purpose or goal of your life. Identify the things you love to do, the things that give you satisfaction. Once you identify what you love to do, use this information to find the purpose of your life or the objective of your life.Finding what you love to do will give you motivation along the way. Imagine being forced to do a triathlon when your true passion is chess. Pretty difficult, huh? Now imagine the opportunity to participate in a chess tournament. It's much, much easier to persistently chip away at your goal if your goal is something you enjoy doing.(Write what your motivations and goals for yourselfHow do you figure out a purpose or goal in life? It's different for everyone, and for some it's difficult, but there are several ways you can try to figure it out:Talk with a career coach or visit a good psychologist.Try out several different careers, remembering that even a less-than-fulfilling job can help you learn.Try making a career out of something you love. Whether it's brewing beer or advising on art, you're more likely to be successful doing something you know you love.Image titled Be Successful Step 33Define the meaning of success as you see it. You cannot have success if you do not know what it means for you. Everyone views success differently and using someone else standard for success is like eating another person's lunch and expecting to love it. Set clear goals and be realistic.How will you know when you have achieved your goals? Your standards should be quantifiable, or else you could spend your entire life chasing after a vague goal.For example, let's say you want to be good at your job. You get a promotion, you get a raise, but you still haven't reached your goal because you could always do better, right? You could always get promoted even further, or make even more money. Whatever you have will never be enough.Instead, create benchmarks: "My goal is to increase my productivity by 30% and only be late for work five times per year, at the most." These are quantifiable goals that when achieved, give you a sense of satisfaction and completion, making you feel successful and confident.Image titled Be Successful Step 44Selectively lower your confidence.[1] You read it right: lower your confidence. It's a truism in business that you need to have high self-confidence to get things done. But some people think, and for good reason, that lower self-confidence makes people more successful, for these reasons:Lower self-confidence makes you pay attention to critical feedback and helps you be more self-critical. If you're convinced you're God's gift to engineering, you probably won't be receptive to feedback. Nor will you be able to criticize yourself effectively. Successful people do exactly that.Lower self-confidence makes you work harder and prepare more. If you're not convinced you're going to nail your presentation next Monday, you're likely to spend more time practicing and going over your numbers. This is a great habit.Lower self-confidence makes you less narcissistic. Less narcissistic people are respected more by co-workers, and happy co-workers make a more successful team. It's no secret that respect will make you successful.Image titled Be Successful Step 55Set a timeline for when you want to achieve your objective. If you don't know when you will achieve your objective by, then it's hard to know whether you have failed. Give yourself a timeline that is difficult but doable. Winning a Tour de France from scratch in two years is not reasonable, but booking a comedy gig in front of at least 20 paying customers probably is.6Identify the things/skills/material needed to achieve your objectives. If you want to be a famous speaker, for example, you need a broad vocabulary, subject knowledge, speech writing, voice clarity, and presentation skills. This is identifying short term objectives to achieve long term goals.Image titled Be Successful Step 77Be curious about life. Many successful people have an insatiable curiosity. If they don't understand how something works or don't know the answer to a question, they find out. Often, this takes them on a quest of self-discovery, one in which the journey is just as important as the destination.Image titled Be Successful Step 88Identify the skills you need to sharpen and the skills you can outsource. Outsourcing is all about time-management. You may think of yourself as a superman or superwoman, but there are limits to your powers. Outsourcing certain less essential tasks gives you more time to focus on the things that are absolutely essential to your craft.Use the last example as a template to become a great speaker, you need to improve voice and presentation skills as these are the basic skills needed for a speaker. But if you are lacking speech writing or subject knowledge skills, you can try to outsource them to an expert. This is called working smart. Many great leaders don't write their own speeches they focus on delivering it right.Method2ExecutionImage titled Be Successful Step 91Execute your small objectives, focusing on your main objective. Don't find reasons to procrastinate. Jump headfirst into the challenge and start chipping away. You never know what problems will present themselves before you step into the arena.Break your goal into small steps. Does the goal of starting a technology company seem impossibly unattainable? Break it down into smaller goals. Focus on streamlining your idea then focus on getting funding then move onto building a prototype, etc. If you have the vision to attack your goal piece by piece, it's easier and less daunting to execute.Image titled Be Successful Step 102Stay away from distractions as much as possible. Distractions are either the spice of life or the forbidden fruit, depending on your perspective. But let's be clear: it's almost impossible to be 100% focused on your task 100% of the time. Distractions are okay in low doses. But when your goals start taking a backseat to petty distractions, it's time to banish them.Image titled Be Successful Step 113Surround yourself with other people who are successful. When you're surrounded with people who are highly-driven, it's encouraging. You can bounce ideas off people, and they can even connect you with other people. Surrounding yourself with driven, successful people is a way to create a culture of success.Study successful people. Look around — who has the success that you envision for yourself? What are they doing? How do they approach life? Ask them for advice. Model some of your approaches around theirs, if possible. Knowledge is as free as it is powerful.Image titled Be Successful Step 124Trust other people to do their job. It's hard to be successful if you don't trust the people around you. You're constantly micro-managing everything, leaving yourself spread thin and the others miffed about you not giving them a chance. Being successful is partly about assembling an able team around you. If you can't trust others enough to let them do their job, you probably won't succeed at that.Trust in people because trust can be an incredibly motivating factor. If you trust in someone, they'll want to do well because they want to reward your trust in them. This is a powerful motivator.Trust in people because you need to. As John Donne once wrote, "No man is an island." What he meant by this is that no man works alone, entirely independently, however much he thinks he does. We depend on other people, whether we like it or not. Placing trust in other people is a necessity, not an option.Image titled Be Successful Step 135Find a mentor. A mentor is someone, usually with a bit more experience than you, who knows the trade, offers advice, and helps you in your pursuit. Behind many successful people are mentors. Mentors get satisfaction out of knowing that their guidance has literally bred success.A mentor will help you:Network. Networking is making connections with people who have connections. Contrary to popular belief, networking is mutually beneficial. You offer expertise, opinion, or opportunity to someone in exchange for something back.Troubleshoot. Troubleshooting is learning about how to make ideas or applications even better. Your mentor can help you figure out what you need to change in order to make your idea(s) even better.Strategize. A mentor will probably have more vision than you because s/he's been in the game longer, with more successes and failures. You can draw on their legacy of experience to strategize about the future.Image titled Be Successful Step 146Gather as much information as you can. Listen. Study. Understand. Learn. Repeat. Humans are amazing creatures because we can look at the world, make intellectual connections, and use those connections to make our lives better (or potentially worse). This is what information allows us to do. Never turn your "learning switch" off. You never know when your flash of insight will come!Image titled Be Successful Step 157Look at what the numbers are telling you. Did you ever have an idea about something but were afraid that the numbers (i.e. metrics) wouldn't back it up? That fear is normal, but it's a good idea to let the numbers give you guidance. Better to be wrong and adapt than to stubbornly insist you're doing it right when the numbers don't back that up.For example, in 2011, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, tried to convert the successful DVD-renting business into a streaming-only enterprise, provisionally called Qwikster. Hordes of Netflix devotees ended their subscription. Netflix's stock price dropped nearly 80% at one point.[2]Instead of blindly continuing his vision for the company, Hastings reconsidered. He apologized for his actions, redoubled his efforts to focus on content, and temporarily shelved Qwikster. Hastings let the numbers — and the people — tell him what to do.Image titled Be Successful Step 168Take calculated risks. Step out of your comfort zone. Successful people think big and act big. Don't wait for opportunities to fall in your lap. Sniff them out. Successful people make big investments (in their careers, in their businesses, in their education) and all investments involve risk. Study your risks, make sure the odds are in your favor, and take a leap. Be bold. Three calculated risks to consider:Partner with a competitor. Whether you're a long distance runner or rolling out back-end solutions to technology giants, partnering with the competition may help you pool your resources, motivate you to work harder, and build new relationships.Lead, don't follow. Leading the way can be dangerous. You're taking on the headwinds literally, perhaps, or you're banking on an idea — like Facebook or Google — that someone has already tried before. Summon up the courage to do something different.Hit singles and doubles, not home runs. Of course, hitting a home run isn't a bad thing at all! It's just that you can't rely on them to win the game every single time. Try letting singles and doubles add up to the same value as home runs.Image titled Be Successful Step 179Solve problems. People who are successful encourage progress by solving problems and answering questions. No matter where you are or what you're doing, look around and try to think of ways you can contribute. What are people struggling with or complaining about? How can you make life easier for them in an effective way? Can you re-design or re-organize some aspect of the situation so things run more smoothly? Can you create a product or provide a service that fills a critical gap?Which problems are you motivated to solve?Social problems. Facebook reinvented the way we interact with one another. Can you think of a similar social problem that needs reinventing?Technology problems. Companies like Dell design smaller and more powerful computer processors that help our user experience line up with our expectations. Can you help people do with technology what they already want to do?Strategic problems. Consultants like IBM help other companies and individuals become more productive, profitable, and prudent. Can you help someone else solve a strategic problem?Interpersonal problems. Psychologists and marriage counselors help other people navigate the complex web of personal relationships that make up our lives. Can you help people better get along with one another?Image titled Be Successful Step 1810Use technology, don't let it use you. Technology can be incredibly powerful it connects us with people around the world in the blink of an eye it computes algorithms accurately and quickly it makes mundane tasks, like data entry, easier and less painful. But technology can be a burden if you let it. It can sap your energy and productivity, leading to wasted opportunity. The beauty and the bane of the internet, specifically, is that TED Talks can turn into watching Ted the movie quicker than you can say "ADD."Method3RedoingImage titled Be Successful Step 191Be persistent. You're going to fail — that much is a given. Never hesitate to be a failure, since life gives many chances. What will define you is how you pick yourself up after you've fallen. Don't give up. If your first attempt didn't work, don't quit.Don't let failure define you. When asked about his 10,000 failed attempts to develop a storage battery, the prolific American inventor Thomas Edison responded: "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."[3]Don't make excuses. Don't rationalize your failure by placing the blame on someone or something else. Accept when something is your fault. This will help you identify what you need to change to get better. An excuse after failure is a refusal to make the situation better.Learn from your failures. Each failure is an opportunity to learn. If you make a mistake and refuse to learn, odds are you'll make that same mistake sometime down the line. If you make a mistake and learn from it, you won't waste your time making the same mistake again.Image titled Be Successful Step 202Accept that life is unfair. It's a fact. You can moan about it and wish that it were different, or you can go out there and do something about it. So stop wasting time about the unfairness of it all and think how to use the situation for your benefit. Newton could have complained about the apple falling from the tree and hitting his head. Instead, he identified the law of gravity and is now known as the father of physics.Image titled Be Successful Step 213Remember that success does not guarantee happiness. Success is equated with achieving a goal, but don't assume it will always bring happiness. Many people make the mistake that if they accomplish this or that, they'll be happier. Fulfillment and satisfaction have a lot more to do with how you approach life than with what you do in life. Keep that in perspective.Don't burn bridges along the way. A lot of life is about personal relationships, so don't forsake them. If you've invented a cheap, efficient way to make nuclear fission, but everyone dislikes you, you have no spouse, and no friends, will it be worth it?Value experiences over objects. Humans can be extraordinarily obsessed with money. It's strange, too, because scientists think that our memories of our experiences make us happier than objects we can buy with money.[4] Focus on making great memories with great people along the way, and you should be happy.Image titled Be Successful Step 224Remove fear and doubt from your way of thinking. Focus on staying positive in every situation. You will be surprised how effective you can be when your thoughts are guiding your actions, not the other way around. If you fail, don't be fearful about starting over be happy that you've been given a chance to be even more successful.Google develops invisible web securityMarch 10, 2017 11:08 am | technonewsShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggLinkedInThe puzzles present challenges that people find simple but computers can find more difficult, such as:identifying photographs of dogs in a gallery of animal picturestyping numbers from a photograph of a road sign into a boxlistening to somebody reading out numbers over music and typing the numbers into a boxHowever, genuine users can find the interruption by puzzles a nuisance.Google's latest development removes the check box as well, and instead analyses how people have interacted with other elements on a website such as the "submit form" button.However, in some cases "suspicious" activity will still trigger a puzzle.Google's reCaptcha system has already simplified the process by asking users to tick a check box on the website they are using. The box monitors how each person has interacted with it, to separate natural human clicks from bots.For example, an automated script might take just a second to fill in a form on a website, and may not move the mouse at all during the process. Website security checks that challenge people to prove they are human are likely to "disappear" in favour of a new system developed by Google.Captcha checks typically ask people to complete a puzzle that a computer would struggle to complete correctly.They are designed to stop automated bots accessing and using websites.Google's new system tracks how a person interacts with a website to prove they are real, so the puzzles are no longer necessary for most people.Captcha checks are often deployed by concert ticket websites to stop people setting up automated bots to buy all the best tickets. They also appear when somebody is trying to log in to a website with the wrong password, to spot automated attempts.How Technology is Impacting Both the Real Estate and Mortgage Sectors . Analiza Kompanisë “ Mega Holdings Balkan ”1-Përmbledhja dhe historia e kompanisë. a.Emri i kompanisë,adresa … b.Kur u themelua … c.Arritjet financiare—Michael Cheng, themelues i Mega Holdings, një sipërmarrës i suksesshëm i Malajzisë dhe biznesmen i jashtëzakonshëm filloi në mes të vitit 1999 në Hong Kong, ku ai filloi një linjë tregtie duke shitur faqe interneti (website) dhe produkte hosting.Kështu filloi udhëtimin e aventurave dhe zbulimet në shitje që u shtri mbi 122 vende të botës dhe që ka prekur jetën e qindra e mijëra individëve nëpër shumë linja kulturore dhe kombëtare në një botë pa kufij.——U kap shpejt në komunitetet e marketingut të drejtpërdrejtë në Hong Kong, Malajzi, Filipine, Singapor, Indonezi, Tajlandë, Indi dhe në vende të tjera në Azi. 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Ne kemi një marrëdhënie të ngushtë pune me partnerët e pavarur të biznesit tonë dhe klientët.——Ne i kushtojmë vëmendje atyre që kanë nevojë.e.Përgjegjësia sociale e kompanisë.—Kjo është epoka e internetit dhe faqeve të internetit.Duke ditur se si ndërtohet një website dhe duke ditur të mbajmë një website personal është një domosdoshmëri themelore për të ruajtur rëndësinë në moshën e zgjeruar me shpejtësi në internet.——Aftësitë e fituara mund e ndihmojnë një person në sigurimin e punësimit.Një faqe interneti personale mund të jetë e përshtatur për të projektuar identitetin personal dhe personalitetin e zotëruesit.——Ajo mund të përdoret për ndarjen e mendimeve, informacioneve, dhe promovimin e një shkaku të interesit publik. Ajo mund të jetë një mjedis i komunikimit me lexuesit, miqtë dhe anëtarët e familjes për çdo çështje.Një faqe interneti komerciale mund të përdoret për të shfaqur, promovuar dhe produktet ose shërbimet e ofruara për shitje në treg dhe për të ndërtuar besimin e konsumatorëve në produktet ose shërbimet e ofruara.——Duke përdorur produktet tona nuk kërkon njohuri paraprake teknike apo trajnim në web design. ——Është e lehtë dhe e thjeshtë, është vetëm disa klikime larg!e.Përgjegjësia sociale e kompanisë.—Rritja në biznes duke përdorur rrjetin, shitje direkte ose me fjalë goje, është rritur shumë gjatë dymbëdhjetë viteve të fundit.——Është vlerësuar se 68 milionë njerëz janë të përfshirë në forma të ndryshme të shitjes direkte apo personale me një vlerë të llogaritur shitjesh prej 112 miliardë $ në mbarë botën.——Shpërndarësit Mega prezantojnë produktet e tyre nëpërmjet një metode personale në shtëpi me bazë të shitjes, bëhet ose në një kohë të pjesshme ose me kohë të plotë, në kohën e lirë e tyre.——Profilet e shpërndarësit tanë të suksesshme Mega Holdings shkojnë nga profesionistë të kualifikuar dhe të suksesshëm, biznesmenë, menaxherë, studentë të vetë-punësuar të kolegjeve dhe universiteteve , punëtorët e zyrës, dhe amvisa.——Nëpërmjet Mega Holdings, me qëndrim të drejtë dhe përkushtimin, ju gjithashtu mund të arrini lirinë financiare!3-Analizë.a.Analiza e mjedisit të largët (PEST)—Sektori i Network Marketingut është një sektor i cili sa vjen dhe po bëhet më i zhvilluar sidomos për kompanitë e mëdha. Kompania Mega Holdings hyri në fuqi në vitin 1999 direkt ne sektorin e Network Marketingut.Produkti i saj është produkt i kohës mbi të gjitha është i përshtatshëm për të gjitha moshat.—Kompania është e rregjistruar në shtet dhe paguhen taksa përçdo produkt që shitet si dhe përçdo vlerë leku që tërhiqet mbahen taksa nga shteti. Në Shqipëri është futur në vitin 2014 dhe ka zyrën për të gjithë vendet e ballkanit në Tiranë.—Kompania operon në shumë shtete të botës dhe nuk ka asnjë kufizim për zgjerimin e saj në të gjithë botën. Nuk ka rëndësi se ku ndodhesh , mjafton dëshira për ta bërë këtë punë dhe ti mund ta bësh kudo.—Me një investim që mund ta quajmë edhe si vlerë të papërfillshme për të krijua biznes ,çdokush mund të krijojë biznesin e tij pasi kompania dhe sektori ia mundëson krijimin e biznesit personal sepse kjo është një sipërmarrje e lire.—Zhvillimi i teknologjisë dhe orientimi drejt internetit dhe gjeneratës online , bën që produkti i kompanisë Mega Holdings të jetë produkt i kohës ku mjafton vetëm që të kesh akses në internet dhe produktin mund ta përdorësh kudo.b.Analiza e mjedisit të industrisë , konkurrentët aktualë , kërcënimi nga produktet zëvendësuese,fuqia e blerësve dhe furnitorëve.—Kompania Mega Holdings midis 3000 kompanive të tjera të sektorit të Network Marketingut është renditur në vendin e 5 për planin e saj të kompensimit , gjithashtu për vitin 2016 është renditur në top 15 kompanitë ndërkombëtera të sektorit. Kompania është shtrirë në mbi 120 shtete të botës dhe kohët e fundit ka patur një zhvillim të madh.——Ashtu si çdo biznes edhe kompania Mega Holdings ka rivalitët konkurues me kompani të tjera që ofrojnë platform të tjera për ndërtimin e faqeve të internetit dhe japin hosting për klientët e saj.Gjithashtu shumë persona IT të cilët janë të aftë në përdorimin e internetit dhe krijimin e faqeve të internetit janë konkurrentë ama siguria e faqeve të tyre nuk është e lartë gjithashtu ata nuk të ofrojnë një plan biznesi , pra nuk të ofrojnë të drejtën e të bërit biznes.Kjo konkurrencë ka bërë që produkti i kompanisë Mega Holdings të vijë çdo ditë drejt perfeksionit dhe me kosto të njëjtë për të gjithë përdoruesit pa ndryshim të çmimit.—Egzistojnë produkte jo të mirëfilltë zëvendësues në të cilët konsumatorët në mungesë të njohurive të plota për kompaninë dhe cilësinë e produktit ato përdorin produkte shumë më të thjeshtë siç mund të jenë rrjetet sociale , bloge të cilët krijohen falas (falas ska asgjë) si dhe faqe webi të krijuar nga persona IT.—Fuqia e blerësve ne kompani sa vjen edhe po rritet , pasi konsumatorët përkrah zhvillimit të teknologjisë po ia kuptojnë rëndësinë faqes së internetit dhe sigurisht rëndësinë e të bërit Network Marketing dhe Sipërmarrjen e lirë që të ofron Mega Holdings që është e vështirë të gjendet në treg .—Fuqia e furnitorëve në sektorin e Network Marketingut është gjithmonë e përballueshme dhe sidomos për produktin e kompanisë tonë nuk ështe fare problem pasi në NM në fillim bëhet pagesa e produktit pastaj bëhet prodhimi dhe dërgesa e tij tek konsumatori. Duke parë kërkesat e konsumatorëve për produktin janë marrë parasysh dhe jan bërë zhvillime të vazhdueshme të tij në cilësi.c.Analiza e mjedisit të brendshëm.—Kompania duke parë gjendjen aktuale të konkurrentëve ne treg ka vendosur të lançojë produktin e ri ECD plus.—Produkti i plotëson çdo kërkesë konsumatorit pasi ai është zhvilluar dhe punuar në bazë të kërkesës së konsumatorit dhe në bazë të zhvillimit të teknologjisë si dhe është i përshtatshëm edhe me zhvillimet e mëtejshme të teknologjisë dhe mbi të gjitha , produkti është i gjeneratës online që do të thotë produkt internet i cili përditësohet çdo ditë dhe nuk ka nevojë që klientët përdorues të blejnë një të ri pasi produkti që kanë përditësohet njëlloj me produktet e rinj të klientëve të rinj.—Produkti është i përshtatshëm për çdo person dhe në çdo vend ku ai ndodhet mund që ta përdorë produktin si dhe ta zhvillojë biznesin e tij.—Duke u bazuar nga kënaqësia e përdorimit dhe plotësimi i kërkesave të konsumatorit , produkti mund ti sygjerohet çdo njeriu dhe çdo njeri ka të drejtën e përdorimit të tij , mjafton që blerësi të jetë mbi moshën 18 vjeç sepse duhet dokument identifikimi për regjistrimin në sistem si dhe dokument identifikimi për blerjen që kryhet ne Bankë.d.Imazhi dhe pozicioni në treg.—Me zhvillimet e fundit të teknologjisë si dhe me zhvillimet e fundit të produktit të kompanisë, kompania ka arritur të ketë një zhvillim të imazhit të saj dhe sidomos për përdoruesit e produktit të kompanisë .——Kompania ka një kientele rreth 880.000 klientë në të gjithë botën dhe bëhen me qindra shitje në ditë.Kjo bën që imazhi i kompanisë të zhvillohet çdo ditë.——Ashtu siç u përmend edhe më sipër , kompania vlerësohet ne vendin e 5 pë planin e saj të kompensimit si dhe në renditjen e 2016 në top 15 kompanitë më të mira midis 3000 kompanive të sektorit të Network Marketingut.e. Analiza SWOT.—Që nga operimi në vitin 1999 kompania ka patur zhvillime të konsiderueshme të saj.Me përditësime të vazhdueshme të produkti të saj,kompania ka arritur të plotësojë kërkesat e konsumatorëve dhe normalisht të rrisë shitjet e saj.Fuqitë—Imazhi i firmës është në zhvillime relativisht të shpejta pasi për klientët e saj paraqet me të vërtetë një imazh shum pozitiv.—Me renditje ndër vendet e para, Mega Holdings bëhet më e njohur dhe më shumë e fuqishme në treg.—Mrëdhënia dhe lidhja blerës-furnitor është shumë e mirë pasi është vetë furnitori ai që ia sygjeron produktin blerësit dhe normalisht kjo arrihet me një lidhje të drejtpërdrejtë midis blerësit me konsumatorin.—Produkti mbrohet nga Network Solution. Kompania është e çertefikuar nga MLMIA(organizatë e cilla studion kompanitë e sektorit të NM për 10 vite dhe nëse kompania i plotëson kushtet atëhere MLMIA i jep çertifikatën e operimit në treg).—Emri i Markës ECD.CC (Everyone Can Design.Can Create) shpreh që çdokush mund ta përdorë këtë produkt.—Kostoja e produktit krahasuar me çmimin e tregut është mesatarisht nën koston e tregut.—Produkti ka akses në të gjithë botën.— Dobësitë Ndërprerja e energjisë elektrike bën që të kemi shkëputje të internetit , por egzistojnë platforma të cilat mundësojnë kthimin e përgjigjeve automatikisht edhe kur nuk je online ( shitjet , abonime ,,, etj ). Shanset—Ndryshimet në teknologjinë dhe zhvillimi i vrullshëm i botës së internetit është një oportunitet për kompaninë pasi produkti është pikërisht produkt që përdor internetin. Kërcënimet. Në ditët e sotme , Aplikacionet kanë një përdorim më të lartë se websitet , por çdo Aplikacion është produkt i një Website .f . Strategjitë konkurruese.—Për të “mposhtur” konkurrentët dhe për të “pushtuar” tregun , kompania ka bërë vazhdimisht rritjen e cilësisë së produktit duke i bërë atij përditësime të vazhdueshme ku përditësimi më i fundit pritet të dalë në 2017 i quajtur ECD plus.—ECD plus i përshtatet plotësisht asaj që konsumatori kërkon dhe mbi të gjitha , çmimi është po i njëjti.4- Funksionet menaxheriale.a.Procesi i planifikimit,objektivat e kompanisë dhe vendimmarrja.—Me procesin e planifikimit,me vendosjen e objektivave të kompanisë dhe me vendimmarrjet e kompanisë merren themeluesi i kompanisë,ambasadori i kompanisë si dhe 4 punëtorët e kompanisë.—Gjithashtu merren për bazë edhe kërkesat dhe sygjerimet e klientëve përdorues të produktit.b.Organizimi,karta organizative dhe ndarja e punës.* Michael Cheng - Founder and OwnerMichael Cheng është një networker i njohur botërisht, një sipërmarrës milioner, një mësues dhe matematikan i madh. Michael është i njohur për udhëheqjen e tij vizionare dhe aftësia e tij për të frymëzuar njerëzit.Bindja Michael është "Shpejtësia e mendimit është proporcionale me avancimin teknologjik" që përbën bazën e objektivave të biznesit të Mega Holdings.Në fjalët e tij, "Nevojat dhe pritjet e konsumatorëve ndryshojnë me shpejtësi rrufe dhe biznesi duhet të mbajë ritmin.*Management Consultant*S.S.Bon Bon është Konsulenti Menaxherial i përkushtuar për të ofruar shërbime konsulence menaxhimi për Mega Holdings.Konsulenti i Menaxhimit të kalibrit të lartë dhe të integritetit, Bon është i gatshëm për të ndihmuar Menaxhimin në Mega në lartësi të mëdha.*Technical Director*TomAi është drejtor teknik i Mega Holdings dhe ka qenë kreu i ciklit të zhvillimit të e-commerce në Mega Holdings që nga fillimi e kompanisë.Me më shumë se 20 vjet eksperiencë në industrinë e e-commerce, ekspertiza e tij shkon nga krijimin e programeve kompjuterike, dizajn të integruar për zhvillimin e produkteve, planifikimin e rrjetit dhe funksionimin e-commerce.*Systems Director *FooAi po udhëheq një ekip shumë të përkushtuar inxhinierë profesionalë IT, projektues grafik dhe analistë sistemesh, mbështetjen e klientëve dhe stafit administrativ.Karta OrganizativeEgzistojnë disa statuse të cilat varen në bazën e zhvillimit të ekipit dhe shitjeve të realizuaraNew Bee -Presenter -Trainer-Director-Researcher-Leader-Top Leader-Mega Leader-Mega StarNdarja e punës.•Në Mega Holdings nuk ka një ndarje pune pasi çdonjeri është pronari i biznesit të tij.Me arritjen e statuseve brenda kompanisë,sipas statuseve duke ndihmuar veten edhe të tjerë atëherë çdo person që ka një status të caktuar kryen veprimet e caktuar sipas rendit : Newbee, Prezenter, Trainer, Director, Researcher, Leader, TopLeader, MegaLeader dhe Megastar.••Në varësi të shitjeve të bëra , një newbee që ndodhet në ekipin e një lideri (duke supozuar që lideri nuk do bëj shitje) atëherë nëse Newbee në fjalë bën një bumm shitjesh ai mund ta arrijë në status një lider i cili është 4 statuse më lart si dhe gjithashtu mund të arrijë statuse më lart se lideri,e gjitha kjo në bazë të zhvillimit personal dhe shitjeve të bëra nga Newbee.•Puna funksionon në bazë të Meritokracisë, pra ti shpërblehesh aq sa ti meriton (mund të arrish shuma goxha te konsiderueshme).c. Menaxhimi i burimeve njerëzore.Kontratat e punës.Motivimi dhe politikat e motivimit në kompani*Përsa i përket menaxhimit të burimeve njerëzore në këtë kompani nuk ka një menaxher,një drejtor apo një shef pasi çdo klient është një sipërmarrës i lirë dhe ka biznesin e tij personal. Egziston thjeshtë bashkëpunimi në grup ku secili mëson dhe ndihmohet me anë të trajnimeve dhe jo vetëm,për të patur sukses në punë.*Produkti blihet për 1 vit ose për 2 vite sipas dëshirës së konsumatorit.Ai ka të drejtë të bëjë riblerjen e produktit brenda periudhës dhe këtu ai e ruan Biznesin e krijuar si edhe ruan çdo punë që ka realizuar në produkt (faqen e internetit).*Motivimi është një element kyç në çdo kompani dhe normalisht edhe në kompaninë Mega Holdings. Motivimi arrihet duke marrë trajnime ,duke realizuar workshope,duke realizuar seminare edhe kampe brenda dhe jashtë vendit si dhe duke shikuar video rrerth sektorit dhe video motivuese.Seminari i dates 11/12/2016 è www.youtu.be/MS6Ys4n5yY*Motivim tjetër janë promocionet që bën kompania në bazë të një numri shitjesh të realizuara apo në bazë tv statusit që arrin brenda kompanisë.d. Udhëheqja, pushteti dhe autoriteti.Përsa i përket udheheqjes ashtu siç u tha më sipër kjo është një sipërmarrje e lirë dhe nuk ka një udhëheqës.Gjatë shitjeve , klienti për çdo shitje që i bën një konsumatori ai e mëson ,e trajnon dhe e mbështet gjatë gjithë kohës blerësin e produktit që tani është dhe koleg.Duke bërë shumë shitje , krijon një ekip tuajin dhe ti tani je një Lider për atë ekip dhe i udhëheq ato drejt suksesit duke i trajnuar dhe dhënë mbështetje të vazhdueshme.Nuk ka një Pushtet apo Autoritet ,pasi të qenit një lider do të thotë ti ndihmosh të tjerët dhe jo t’iu japësh urdhëra.e. Kontrolli,metodat e kontrollit.Kontrolli i kompanisë kryhet nga themeluesi dhe punëtorët e kompanisë.Kontrolli arrihet shumë lehtë duke u bazuar tek numri i shitjeve të bëra nga klientët e kompanisë.Kontrollohet nëse produkti i plotëson kërkesat e klientëve dhe bëhen përditësime në cilësinë e produktit.5- Produktet dhe shërbimet që ofrohen.a. Karakteristikat dhe përshkrimi i produkteve dhe shërbimeve që ofrohen.—Kompania Mega Holdings, Marketing në Rrjet dhe Shërbime Interneti, vepron në nivel ndërkombëtar në fushën e Marketingut në Rrjet dhe sistemin e biznesit elektronik nëpërmjet faqeve të internetit.——Kompania jonë ka për qëllim të bëjë hapa të mëdha drejt zhvillimit, të rrisë nivelin ekonomik të vendit nëpërmjet biznesit të brendshëm dhe të jashtëm dhe së bashku me këtë të zgjidhi problemin e papunësisë, si dhe të vazhdojë të drejtojë projekte të ngjashme në këtë fushë.——Ndërkohë që drejtojmë këtë veprimtari dhe duke pasur në avantazh një nivel të lartë specialistësh synimi është të shkojmë në nivelin më të lartë të teknologjisë.—Për të arritur qëllimin e përbashkët, ne punojmë të gjithë së bashku për të krijuar një ekip të fortë.—Duke krijuar një ekip të tillë, në sistemin më modern dhe më të zhvilluar të shekullit të 21-të, qëllimi ynë është që t’i sigurojmë prodhuesëve dhe konsumatorëve fitime të ardhurash, të kthejmë në realitet ëndërrat e miliona njerëzve nëpër botë dhe, duke arritur zhvillimin personal të tyre, të sigurojmë që çdo njeri, kudo dhe kurdo, të zgjedhë të punojë në industrinë e Marketingut në Rrjet.—Kompania jonë është vazhdimisht e angazhuar dhe përpiqet të vendosë marrëdhëniet e ndershmërisë midis punonjësve, partnerëve dhe sipërmarrësve të lirë.—Në ditët e sotme, informacioni dhe teknologjia kanë pësuar zhvillime shumë të shpejta, që vërehen dhe ndjehen në shumë drejtime paralelisht në të gjitha vendet e botës. Tashmë, mënyrat për të arritur dhe shpërndarë informacionin realizohen nëpërmjet mjeteve dhe strategjive të reja.——Në mënyrën e jetesës së shekullit të 21-të, në botën e biznesit ka zënë vendin e tij një sistem i ri dhe modern biznesi. Ky sistem i ri quhet “Network Marketing Bussiness” (Biznesi i Marketingut në Rrjet).—Sistemi i Marketingut në Rrjet iu siguron njerëzve mundësinë që të fitojnë të ardhurave të larta.—Ne si kompani vazhdojmë të punojmë shumë me qëllim që konsumatorët të mund ta kuptojnë dhe të mund të fitojnë maksimalisht nga ky sistem biznesi.——Në këtë kontekst, kompania jonë ka zënë vendin e saj në botën e biznesit dhe për t’iu ofruar mundësinë në shumë drejtime, kompania Mega Holdings mori përfaqësimin e Ballkanit duke hapur zyrën e saj në Tiranë, Shqipëri, më datën 14/10/2014.——Në këtë mënyrë, kompania Mega Holdings iu siguron klientëve të këtij rajoni shërbimet e saj më shpejt dhe më lehtë.——Slogani ynë: “ Individë të vetëdijshëm, konsumatorë të vetëdijshëm, shoqëri e vetëdijshme dhe një rajon i fuqishëm në këtë botë që është në zhvillim të vazhdueshëm.”—Platforma ECD është produkti i kompanisë Mega Holdings. ECD (Everyone Can Design) është një platformë e thjeshtë dhe e përshtatshme për çdo njeri.b. Projektimi i produkteve të reja.—Platforma ECD Plus është platforma e fundit dhe me e sofistikuar e ndërtuar nga kompania Mega Holdings për vitin 2017 dhe atyre në vazhdim.—Platforma mundëson që çdokush nga 7-77 vjec të ketë mundësinë të ndërtojë vetë faqen e tij të internetit pa pasur nevojë të ketë njohuri mbi këtë fushë.—Qëllimi i ECD Plus është shumëllojshmeria e komandave në ndërtim dhe për më tepër thjeshtësia për tu përdorur nga cdokush.—Ajo cka e bën akoma më ndryshe dhe më të vecantë është se paneli të cilin përdoruesit kanë,do të mund te përdoret edhe në gjuhën Shqipe.—Pra ju do keni cdo lloj mundësie për të ndërtuar faqen tuaj të internetit ashtu sic ju dëshironi krejtësisht i pavarur.—Dicka tjetër që e bën akoma më interesante dhe konkuruese ECD Plus është fakti se do të jetë gjithmonë në update me risitë e komandave të fundit rreth ndërtimit të faqes së internetit.—Perdorimi i kësaj platforme pritet të bëhet i mundur brenda 2017 ( mundësisht direkt në gjuhën Shqipe).—Në vazhdim,stafi trajnues i Mega Holdings Balkan do të nisë trajnimet për perdorimin e ECD Plus nga klientët dhe bashkëpuntorët tanë.c. Cikli i jetës së produktit.—Produkti aktualisht ndodhet në fazën e rritjes,ku ka një rritje të shpejtë të shitjeve dhe fitimeve si dhe vazhdimisht ka rritje të cilësisë së tij.—d.Përshkrimi i procesit të prodhimit (materialet e para që përdoren,kostoja,furnitorët që na furnizojnë).—Procesi i prodhimit të produktit kryet online nga punëtorët e kompanisë duke përdorur kompjutera dhe servera të fuqishëm,internetin dhe programet e tyre të krijimit të platformës.—Kostoja e prodhimit të tyre është relativisht e ulët duke e krahasuar me produktet zëvendësues.—Ata që na e përgatisin dhe na e sjellin të gatshme platformën ECD janë pikërisht punëtorët IT të kompanisë dhe jo vetëm.—e. Produkte të reja që ne mund të ofrojmë në një të ardhme të afërt.—Përveç platformës ECD plus do të ofrohet edhe aplikacioni i faqes së webit.Aplikacioni do të jetë ashtu siç janë Facebook,Instagram,Amazona..etj dhe do mundemi që ta dizenjojmë vetë sipas dëshirës.f. Makineritë,teknologjia dhe dokumentacioni teknik në prodhim.—Nuk nevojiten makineri apo teknologji të avancuara për prodhimin e produktit.Janë të mjaftueshme një person IT , një kompjuter i mirë me programin e posaçëm për krijimin e platformës dhe aksesi në internet.——Dokumentacion teknik është i zotëruar nga punëtorët e kompanisë dhe kontrolli teknik i produktit bëhet nga prodhuesit për të vëzhguar cilësinë dhe duke bërë testimin e produktit pë arritjen e kërkesave të kërkuar nga klientët.g. Përllogaritje e kostove të prodhimit të produktit.—Kostoja e prodhimit ashtu siç u tha edhe më lart është relativisht e ulët.Llogaritet kostoja e kompjuterit,internetit,serverave dhe paga e punonjësve të kompanisë.6-Strategjitë e Marketingut.a. Madhësia e tregut ku ne operojmë (shitje në rang kombëtar,ndërkombëtar), strategjitë e e segmentimit,përcaktimi i target grupit konsumator.—Kompania Mega Holdings është një kompani ndërkombëtare dhe operon në shumë shtete të botës në afërsisht 120 shtete.—Shitjet bëhen në rang ndërkombëtar dhe produkti është i njëjti për çdo klient kudo që të ndodhet në çdo cep të botës.—Produkti është i përshtatshëm pëçdo person që mund të aksesohet në internetn, mund ta përdorë një fëmijë 7 vjeç si dhe mund ta përdorë edhe një i rritur 77 vjeç.Nuk ka dallime feje,moshe,gjinie,rrace,besimi , mund ta përdorë çdonjeri.b. Politika e produktit (marka,linja e produktit,paketimi,përfitimet e klientit,garancia)—ECD.CC nënkupton që çdokush mund të dizenjojë , çdokush mund të krijojë.—Marka apo Platforma ECD.CC ngjall optimizëm tek klientët edhe tek konsumatorët të cilët e shohin veten ‘të paaftë’ në dizenjim të faqeve të interneti. ECD ua jep mundësinë të gjithëve që të ken në zotërim një faqe interneti.—Klienti përveç kënaqësisë personale fiton edhe zhvillim personal, aftësi menaxhimi dhe dizenjimi ,fiton aftësi komunikimi dhe Lidershipi.——Normalisht duke bërë shitje të produktit të kompanisë klienti fiton të ardhura monetare që mund të arrinë në vlera miliona dollarë.—Garancia për produktin është jashtëzakonisht e madhe dhe kompania e jep me kënaqësi garancinë e produktit të saj përçdo klient dhe konsumator .c. Politika e promocionit.Reklama dhe promocioni.(mediat që përdoren shpeshtësia, sponsorizimet).—Kompania ashtu si çdo kompani tjeter ka promocionet e veta të cilat mund të jenë pushime në kolektiv nëpër vende turistike , pjesëmarrje nëpër seminare me statuse të larta si dhe promocioni i fundit janë disa makina vetura.—Reklamimi i kompanisë bëhet vetë nga klientët dhe nuk ka reklamime nëpër televizione pasi i tillë është sektori i Network Matketingut.—Mediat janë përdorur vetëm gjatë konferencave midis dhomave të tregtisë (psh.dhoma e tregtisë Turke me Shqipërinë).—www.youtu.be/MS6Ys4n5yYd. Politika e çmimit të produktit (Kostoja fikse dhe variable , krahasim me çmimet e konkurrenteve).—Cmimi i produktit është i njëjtë pë të gjithë klientët në të gjithë botën.Duke parë ecurinë e shitjeve dhe kenaqësinë e klientëve me produktin , kompania ka bërë disa herë ndryshimin e çmimit të produkti të ciat knë rezultuar në interes të klientëve.—Produkti ka një kosto fikse X. Kostoja variable e tij është e lidhur me vlerën e takës së shtetit ( në Shqipëri është 20% ).—Duke krahasuar çmimin e produktit të një kompanie apo disa kompanive të tjera me produktin e kompanisë tonë , rezulton që ka çmime edhe me të ulëta edhe me të larta se çmimi i produktit të Mega Holdings pa marrë parasysh shërbimet dhe cilësinë e produkteve të kompanisë konkurruese ku në shumicën e rasteve pë të mos thënë në të gjitha rastet lënë për të dëshiuruar.e. Strategjitë e shpërndarjes (ku shpërndahet,si shpërndahet dhe teknikat e shitjes).—Produkti kalon tek konsumatori online direkt , nga punëtorët e kompanisë tek konsumatori pasi ai e ka bërë pagesën dhe është rregjistruar në sistem.—Mund të bëhet blerja online e produktit nga faqja zyrtare e kompanisë.—Blerja e produktit bëhet edhe nga sygjerimet e personave klientë të kompanisë të cilët pasi e kanë blerë vetë produktin , e përdorin dhe janë të kenaqur me të , ato ua sygjerojnë personave që njohin ose edhe personave që nuk i njohin por me dëshirën e tij ,sepse ai ia sygjeron atij personi që dëshiron ta ketë këtë produkt dhe të mund të përfitojë edhe ai nga përdorimi i produktit.——Pas sygjerimit dhe blerjes së produktit nga konsumatori, konsumatori tani bëhet klient i kompanisë dhe kompania i jep të drejtën të jetë distributor i saj , ku përçdo shitje të produktit kompania e shpërblen.7-Konkluzione dhe Rekomandime.Konkluzione:—Duke u bazuar në zhvillimin ekonomik ndërkombetar dhe duke studiuar tregun , kompania Mega Holdings është një kompani e cila ka një oportunitet për zhvillimin e metejshëm të shitjeve dhe operimin në të gjithë botën.—Me produktin e saj , Mega Holdings ka një përparsi shumë të madhe dhe të veçantë sepse produkti është produkt i kohës ,mund të përdoret kudo dhe mund ta prdorë çdo njeri pa dallim feje ,moshe , gjinie,rrace…ejt.—Cdo kompani po kërkon që të operojë dhe të krijojë rrjet pë të maksimizuar fitimit e saj , pra të bëjë marketing/shitje në rrjet. Mega Holdings operon në rrjet dhe i lejon klientët e saj që të jenë distributor të saj dhe të kenë mundësinë e sipërmarrjes së lirë , ku çdo klient me një investim minimal mund të krijojë biznesin e tij duke përdorur dhe shitur produktin e kompanisë pa qenë i detyruar që të shesë.Rekomandime:—Do të rekomandoja që produkti të zhvillohej akoma më shumë që të arrijë perfeksionin edhe pse në të vëtretë është shumë i zhvilluar (nuk e di me sakt ë si se si do të jetë ECD-plus).ome roboticists build machines to try and change the world, while others have more humble aspirations – like getting them to deliver pizza.Domino’s is set to trial delivering your delicious pizza using a robot instead of the customary delivery man or woman.The worldwide pizza chain will begin using six-wheeled autonomous vehicles to bring customers their pizza in Hamburg, Germany, this summer. Paid content Natera Q4 2016 Revenues Drop 7 PercentNatera Q4 2016 Revenues Drop 7 PercentGenomeWeb Where Do The Richest Americans Live?Where Do The Richest Americans Live?Mansion GlobalRecommended byDomino'sDomino's will deliver pizza with robots in Hamburg CREDIT: BLOOMBERGThey are partnering with Estonian-based start-up Starship Technologies who want to “revolutionise local delivery” with an alternative to Amazon’s plan for delivering your orders with drones.“Robotic delivery units will complement our existing delivery methods, including cars, scooters and e-bikes,” Don Meij, Domino’s CEO, told recode.“With our growth plan over the next five to 10 years, we simply won’t have enough delivery drivers if we do not look to add to our fleet through initiatives such as this.”Starship has ambitions for “a world where you can send and receive anything you want, anytime and anywhere”.The bot’s movements can be tracked and its storage compartment can only be opened by people with adequate permissions, according to its makers. View image on TwitterView image on Twitter Follow Craig Brown, PhD @craigbrownphdHungry? This six-wheeled robot might be delivering your next pizza: Domino's Pizza to trial… https://goo.gl/wVIJx3 #EmergingTech #Tech2:46 AM - 29 Mar 2017 267 267 Retweets 188 188 likes“Its gentle speed means it poses no danger and makes delivery a breeze for all,” according to Starship.The robot delivery will initially only be available to customers living within a mile of the Hamburg restaurant, while the robot will be accompanied by a human for the start of the trial.Pizza delivery by robot has already been trialled in New Zealand, while pizza drones have also been tested.More pizza newsA world leader has announced he wants to ban pineapple on pizzas.While this man got a Domino’s pizza delivered to a train with this genius move. How WhatsApp encryption worksHow WhatsApp encryption works – and why there shouldn’t be a backdoorSource Antonis Michalas, University of WestminsterA battle between national security and privacy is brewing. Governments and secret services are asking encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp to allow them access to users’ data. Most recently, in the wake of the March attack at Westminster, Amber Rudd, the UK home secretary, said it was unacceptable that the government couldn’t read the encrypted messages of suspected terrorists. Unknown ObjectThe main argument behind this request is that access to messages will allow authorities to thwart future terror attacks. On the other hand, there are many ordinary people who use messaging apps for daily communication and this request would be a direct breach of their privacy. But this isn’t the only problem – creating a way for the authorities to read encrypted messages would also make the system vulnerable to cyber attacks from criminals and other hackers, removing what makes it a secure way to communicate in the first place.How does encryption work?Encryption is simply a way for two or more users to exchange messages securely. Encryption algorithms are like a box with two locks. For example, if a user called Alice wants to send her friend Bob a secure message, she puts it in the box and locks it with her key. Then, she sends the locked box to her friend Bob, who can only open the box and read Alice’s message if he has a valid key of his own.But to be able to communicate with new users, you need a way of sharing keys that is still secure. To get over this, each user has what’s called a public key that is available to anyone and proves the identity of the user, and a private key that stays with the user. Alice uses Bob’s public key to lock the box, but it can only be unlocked with Bob’s private key.WhatsApp’s system adds a further level of encryption, known as “perfect forward secrecy”. This is like a second lock with a key that changes for every messaging session. When Alice wishes to send a message to Bob, she first generates a fresh session key, places it in the box and uses Bob’s public key to lock it. She then sends it to Bob, who uses his private key to access the session key. The two of them can then start communicating securely using that session key known only to them to encrypt their messages.This system guarantees that there is no single key that will give access to all the data sent between Alice and Bob in the past or future. In other words, even if a key is compromised, it will only unlock a few messages before it becomes useless.However, WhatsApp’s previous system meant that the company was able to access the keys and so in theory could easily unlock the messages, breaching Alice’s privacy. Last year, the company introduced what’s called “end-to-end encryption”, which seems to have solved this problem. Alice and Bob now use keys that WhatsApp doesn’t keep specific details of, meaning only Alice and Bob can unlock their messages.Looking for a way in.ShutterstockWhat government wantsThe way WhatsApp now works makes it impossible for a third party to unlock the messages that Alice and Bob exchange. The only way a third party, such as the police or intelligence services, can access users’ messages is if WhatsApp removes the end-to-end encryption and switches back to the old version of the software, or if a backdoor is installed.A backdoor can be seen as software built into the app that allows you to circumvent or undermine security protections and surreptitiously access systems and data. In WhatsApp’s case, this would be software that gives access to all keys that users are generating. Governments argue that such a mechanism would be only activated if there was a warrant to access the messages of a suspicious user. Upon activation of the backdoor, WhatsApp would recover the keys that were generated by the corresponding users in order to decrypt their messages. This would allow WhatsApp to reveal all the information sent by a particular user.But backdoors also create a vulnerability in the software or system that intruders can use to gain access to a system or users’ private data. As a result, if WhatsApp adds a backdoor to the software then it would no longer be a secure way to communicate and so it would lose a key part of its appeal. It’s also likely that installing such a mechanism would mean that intelligence agencies would be knocking on WhatApp’s door every day asking them to reveal someone’s messages.Ultimately, if someone thinks that removing WhatsApp encryption would be the solution, then they don’t understand the actual problem. Even if you were to remove the end-to-end encryption from WhatsApp, criminals could create their own, similar, software that would allow them to communicate securely, while ordinary users would lose the ability to send genuinely private messages.Antonis Michalas, Lecturer in Cyber Security, University of WestminsterThis article was originally published on The Conversation. Uber’s implication with the new court filing? That the latest accusations, that Mr. Levandowski stole intellectual property from Google, can also be handled by arbitration. A court trial, where more details could spill out, is not the way forward, Uber suggests. Unknown Object The ride-hailing company also wants the court to declare that Waymo’s allegations that it stole trade secrets and competed unfairly are “meritless.” The long-running rivalry between Uber and Google has taken many twists and turns. The two companies have been competing to hire talent and to race ahead of each other in technologies like driverless cars. Now, the latest fracas between the technology behemoths is heading into uncertain legal waters. It all began last month, when Google’s sister company that focuses on self-driving cars, Waymo, sued Uber for using stolen intellectual property in its autonomous vehicles. Though the case could eventually end up going to trial, Uber made a push on Wednesday for parts of the lawsuit to be settled through arbitration, writes Daisuke Wakabayashi, a tech reporter for The New York Times. Specifically, Uber revealed in a new court document that Waymo previously pursued arbitration with Anthony Levandowski, who formerly worked on Google’s self-driving cars and is now the head of Uber’s autonomous car unit. According to the filing, Waymo went the arbitration route with Mr. Levandowski last October over its contention that he tried to hire Google employees by using confidential salary information from the company. It’s unclear what the outcome of the arbitration was. Anthony Levandowski, a founder of Otto, at the company’s offices in San Francisco in May 2016.CreditRamin Rahimian for The New York Times , The Next Big thing? The memristor, a microscopic component that can "remember" electrical states even when turned off. It's expected to be far cheaper and faster than flash storage. A theoretical concept since 1971, it has now been built in labs and is already starting to revolutionize everything we know about computing, possibly making flash memory, RAM, and even hard drives obsolete within a decade.Unknown ObjectThe memristor is just one of the incredible technological advances sending shock waves through the world of computing. Other innovations in the works are more down-to-earth, but they also carry watershed significance. From the technologies that finally make paperless offices a reality to those that deliver wireless power, these advances should make your humble PC a far different beast come the turn of the decade.In the following sections, we outline the basics of 15 upcoming technologies, with predictions on what may come of them. Some are breathing down our necks some advances are still just out of reach. And all have to be reckoned with.[ Further reading: Best NAS boxes for media streaming and backup ]Memristor: A Groundbreaking New CircuitSince the dawn of electronics, we've had only three types of circuit components--resistors, inductors, and capacitors. But in 1971, UC Berkeley researcher Leon Chua theorized the possibility of a fourth type of component, one that would be able to measure the flow of electric current: the memristor. Now, just 37 years later, Hewlett-Packard has built one.What is it? As its name implies, the memristor can "remember" how much current has passed through it. And by alternating the amount of current that passes through it, a memristor can also become a one-element circuit component with unique properties. Most notably, it can save its electronic state even when the current is turned off, making it a great candidate to replace today's flash memory.Memristors will theoretically be cheaper and far faster than flash memory, and allow far greater memory densities. They could also replace RAM chips as we know them, so that, after you turn off your computer, it will remember exactly what it was doing when you turn it back on, and return to work instantly. This lowering of cost and consolidating of components may lead to affordable, solid-state computers that fit in your pocket and run many times faster than today's PCs.Someday the memristor could spawn a whole new type of computer, thanks to its ability to remember a range of electrical states rather than the simplistic "on" and "off" states that today's digital processors recognize. By working with a dynamic range of data states in an analog mode, memristor-based computers could be capable of far more complex tasks than just shuttling ones and zeroes around.When is it coming? Researchers say that no real barrier prevents implementing the memristor in circuitry immediately. But it's up to the business side to push products through to commercial reality. Memristors made to replace flash memory (at a lower cost and lower power consumption) will likely appear first HP's goal is to offer them by 2012. Beyond that, memristors will likely replace both DRAM and hard disks in the 2014-to-2016 time frame. As for memristor-based analog computers, that step may take 20-plus years.32-Core CPUs From Intel and AMDIf your CPU has only a single core, it's officially a dinosaur. In fact, quad-core computing is now commonplace you can even get laptop computers with four cores today. But we're really just at the beginning of the core wars: Leadership in the CPU market will soon be decided by who has the most cores, not who has the fastest clock speed.What is it? With the gigahertz race largely abandoned, both AMD and Intel are trying to pack more cores onto a die in order to continue to improve processing power and aid with multitasking operations. Miniaturizing chips further will be key to fitting these cores and other components into a limited space. Intel will roll out 32-nanometer processors (down from today's 45nm chips) in 2009.When is it coming? Intel has been very good about sticking to its road map. A six-core CPU based on the Itanium design should be out imminently, when Intel then shifts focus to a brand-new architecture called Nehalem, to be marketed as Core i7. Core i7 will feature up to eight cores, with eight-core systems available in 2009 or 2010. (And an eight-core AMD project called Montreal is reportedly on tap for 2009.)After that, the timeline gets fuzzy. Intel reportedly canceled a 32-core project called Keifer, slated for 2010, possibly because of its complexity (the company won't confirm this, though). That many cores requires a new way of dealing with memory apparently you can't have 32 brains pulling out of one central pool of RAM. But we still expect cores to proliferate when the kinks are ironed out: 16 cores by 2011 or 2012 is plausible (when transistors are predicted to drop again in size to 22nm), with 32 cores by 2013 or 2014 easily within reach. Intel says "hundreds" of cores may come even farther down the line.Nehalem and Swift Chips Spell the End of Stand-Alone Graphics BoardsNehalem and Swift Chips Spell the End of Stand-Alone Graphics BoardsWhen AMD purchased graphics card maker ATI, most industry observers assumed that the combined company would start working on a CPU-GPU fusion. That work is further along than you may think.What is it? While GPUs get tons of attention, discrete graphics boards are a comparative rarity among PC owners, as 75 percent of laptop users stick with good old integrated graphics, according to Mercury Research. Among the reasons: the extra cost of a discrete graphics card, the hassle of installing one, and its drain on the battery. Putting graphics functions right on the CPU eliminates all three issues.Chip makers expect the performance of such on-die GPUs to fall somewhere between that of today's integrated graphics and stand-alone graphics boards--but eventually, experts believe, their performance could catch up and make discrete graphics obsolete. One potential idea is to devote, say, 4 cores in a 16-core CPU to graphics processing, which could make for blistering gaming experiences.When is it coming? Intel's soon-to-come Nehalem chip includes graphics processing within the chip package, but off of the actual CPU die. AMD's Swift (aka the Shrike platform), the first product in its Fusion line, reportedly takes the same design approach, and is also currently on tap for 2009.Putting the GPU directly on the same die as the CPU presents challenges--heat being a major one--but that doesn't mean those issues won't be worked out. Intel's two Nehalem follow-ups, Auburndale and Havendale, both slated for late 2009, may be the first chips to put a GPU and a CPU on one die, but the company isn't saying yet.USB 3.0 Speeds Up Performance on External DevicesThe USB connector has been one of the greatest success stories in the history of computing, with more than 2 billion USB-connected devices sold to date. But in an age of terabyte hard drives, the once-cool throughput of 480 megabits per second that a USB 2.0 device can realistically provide just doesn't cut it any longer.What is it? USB 3.0 (aka "SuperSpeed USB") promises to increase performance by a factor of 10, pushing the theoretical maximum throughput of the connector all the way up to 4.8 gigabits per second, or processing roughly the equivalent of an entire CD-R disc every second. USB 3.0 devices will use a slightly different connector, but USB 3.0 ports are expected to be backward-compatible with current USB plugs, and vice versa. USB 3.0 should also greatly enhance the power efficiency of USB devices, while increasing the juice (nearly one full amp, up from 0.1 amps) available to them. That means faster charging times for your iPod--and probably even more bizarre USB-connected gear like the toy rocket launchers and beverage coolers that have been festooning people's desks.When is it coming? The USB 3.0 spec is nearly finished, with consumer gear now predicted to come in 2010. Meanwhile, a host of competing high-speed plugs--DisplayPort, eSATA, and HDMI--will soon become commonplace on PCs, driven largely by the onset of high-def video. Even FireWire is looking at an imminent upgrade of up to 3.2 gbps performance. The port proliferation may make for a baffling landscape on the back of a new PC, but you will at least have plenty of high-performance options for hooking up peripherals.Wireless Power TransmissionWireless power transmission has been a dream since the days when Nikola Tesla imagined a world studded with enormous Tesla coils. But aside from advances in recharging electric toothbrushes, wireless power has so far failed to make significant inroads into consumer-level gear.What is it? This summer, Intel researchers demonstrated a method--based on MIT research--for throwing electricity a distance of a few feet, without wires and without any dangers to bystanders (well, none that they know about yet). Intel calls the technology a "wireless resonant energy link," and it works by sending a specific, 10-MHz signal through a coil of wire a similar, nearby coil of wire resonates in tune with the frequency, causing electrons to flow through that coil too. Though the design is primitive, it can light up a 60-watt bulb with 70 percent efficiency.When is it coming? Numerous obstacles remain, the first of which is that the Intel project uses alternating current. To charge gadgets, we'd have to see a direct-current version, and the size of the apparatus would have to be considerably smaller. Numerous regulatory hurdles would likely have to be cleared in commercializing such a system, and it would have to be thoroughly vetted for safety concerns.Assuming those all go reasonably well, such receiving circuitry could be integrated into the back of your laptop screen in roughly the next six to eight years. It would then be a simple matter for your local airport or even Starbucks to embed the companion power transmitters right into the walls so you can get a quick charge without ever opening up your laptop bag.64-Bit Computing Allows for More RAMThe Future of Your PC's Software64-Bit Computing Allows for More RAMIn 1986, Intel introduced its first 32-bit CPU. It wasn't until 1993 that the first fully 32-bit Windows OS--Windows NT 3.1--followed, officially ending the 16-bit era. Now 64-bit processors have become the norm in desktops and notebooks, though Microsoft still won't commit to an all-64-bit Windows. But it can't live in the 32-bit world forever.What is it? 64-bit versions of Windows have been around since Windows XP, and 64-bit CPUs have been with us even longer. In fact, virtually every computer sold today has a 64-bit processor under the hood. At some point Microsoft will have to jettison 32-bit altogether, as it did with 16-bit when it launched Windows NT, if it wants to induce consumers (and third-party hardware and software developers) to upgrade. That isn't likely with Windows 7: The upcoming OS is already being demoed in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. But limitations in 32-bit's addressing structure will eventually force everyone's hand it's already a problem for 32-bit Vista users, who have found that the OS won't access more than about 3GB of RAM because it simply doesn't have the bits to access additional memory.When is it coming? Expect to see the shift toward 64-bit accelerate with Windows 7 Microsoft will likely switch over to 64-bit exclusively with Windows 8. That'll be 2013 at the earliest. Meanwhile, Mac OS X Leopard is already 64-bit, and some hardware manufacturers are currently trying to transition customers to 64-bit versions of Windows (Samsung says it will push its entire PC line to 64-bit in early 2009). And what about 128-bit computing, which would represent the next big jump? Let's tackle one sea change at a time--and prepare for that move around 2025.Windows 7: It's InevitableWill Windows 7 finally push PC software into the 64-bit world for good? We can only hope.Will Windows 7 finally push PC software into the 64-bit world for good? We can only hope.Whether you love Vista or hate it, the current Windows will soon go to that great digital graveyard in the sky. After the tepid reception Vista received, Microsoft is putting a rush on Vista's follow-up, known currently as Windows 7.What is it? At this point Windows 7 seems to be the OS that Microsoft wanted to release as Vista, but lacked the time or resources to complete. Besides continuing refinements to the security system of the OS and to its look and feel, Windows 7 may finally bring to fruition the long-rumored database-like WinFS file system. Performance and compatibility improvements over Vista are also expected.But the main thrust of Windows 7 is likely to be enhanced online integration and more cloud computing features--look for Microsoft to tie its growing Windows Live services into the OS more strongly than ever. Before his retirement as Microsoft's chairman, Bill Gates suggested that a so-called pervasive desktop would be a focus of Windows 7, giving users a way to take all their data, desktop settings, bookmarks, and the like from one computer to another--presumably as long as all those computers were running Windows 7.When is it coming? Microsoft has set a target date of January 2010 for the release of Windows 7, and the official date hasn't slipped yet. However, rumor has the first official beta coming out before the end of this year.Google's Desktop OSThe independently created gOS Linux is built around Google Web apps. Is this a model for a future Google PC OS?The independently created gOS Linux is built around Google Web apps. Is this a model for a future Google PC OS?In case you haven't noticed, Google now has its well-funded mitts on just about every aspect of computing. From Web browsers to cell phones, soon you'll be able to spend all day in the Googleverse and never have to leave. Will Google make the jump to building its own PC operating system next?What is it? It's everything, or so it seems. Google Checkout provides an alternative to PayPal. Street View is well on its way to taking a picture of every house on every street in the United States. And the fun is just starting: Google's early-beta Chrome browser earned a 1 percent market share in the first 24 hours of its existence. Android, Google's cell phone operating system, is hitting handsets as you read this, becoming the first credible challenger to the iPhone among sophisticated customers.When is it coming? Though Google seems to have covered everything, many observers believe that logically it will next attempt to attack one very big part of the software market: the operating system.The Chrome browser is the first toe Google has dipped into these waters. While a browser is how users interact with most of Google's products, making the underlying operating system somewhat irrelevant, Chrome nevertheless needs an OS to operate.To make Microsoft irrelevant, though, Google would have to work its way through a minefield of device drivers, and even then the result wouldn't be a good solution for people who have specialized application needs, particularly most business users. But a simple Google OS--perhaps one that's basically a customized Linux distribution--combined with cheap hardware could be something that changes the PC landscape in ways that smaller players who have toyed with open-source OSs so far haven't been quite able to do.Check back in 2011, and take a look at the not-affiliated-with-Google gOS, thinkgos in the meantime.Gesture-Based Remote ControlSoon you'll be able to simply point at your television and control it with hand gestures.Soon you'll be able to simply point at your television and control it with hand gestures.We love our mice, really we do. Sometimes, however, such as when we're sitting on the couch watching a DVD on a laptop, or when we're working across the room from an MP3-playing PC, it just isn't convenient to drag a hockey puck and click on what we want. Attempts to replace the venerable mouse--whether with voice recognition or brain-wave scanners--have invariably failed. But an alternative is emerging.What is it? Compared with the intricacies of voice recognition, gesture recognition is a fairly simple idea that is only now making its way into consumer electronics. The idea is to employ a camera (such as a laptop's Webcam) to watch the user and react to the person's hand signals. Holding your palm out flat would indicate "stop," for example, if you're playing a movie or a song. And waving a fist around in the air could double as a pointing system: You would just move your fist to the right to move the pointer right, and so on.When is it coming? Gesture recognition systems are creeping onto the market now. Toshiba, a pioneer in this market, has at least one product out that supports an early version of the technology: the Qosmio G55 laptop, which can recognize gestures to control multimedia playback. The company is also experimenting with a TV version of the technology, which would watch for hand signals via a small camera atop the set. Based on my tests, though, the accuracy of these systems still needs a lot of work.Gesture recognition is a neat way to pause the DVD on your laptop, but it probably remains a way off from being sophisticated enough for broad adoption. All the same, its successful development would excite tons of interest from the "can't find the remote" crowd. Expect to see gesture recognition technology make some great strides over the next few years, with inroads into mainstream markets by 2012.Radical Simplification Hits the TV BusinessThe back of most audiovisual centers looks like a tangle of snakes that even Medusa would turn away from. Similarly, the bowl of remote controls on your coffee table appeals to no one. The Tru2way platform may simplify things once and for all.What is it? Who can forget CableCard, a technology that was supposed to streamline home A/V installations but that ultimately went nowhere despite immense coverage and hype? CableCard just didn't do enough--and what it managed to do, it didn't do very well. Enter Tru2way.Tru2way is a set of services and standards designed to pick up the pieces of CableCard's failure by upgrading what that earlier standard could do (including support for two-way communications features like programming guides and pay-per-view, which CableCard TVs couldn't handle), and by offering better compatibility, improved stability, and support for dual-tuner applications right out of the box. So if you have a Tru2way-capable TV, you should need only to plug in a wire to be up and running with a full suite of interactive cable services (including local search features, news feeds, online shopping, and games)--all sans additional boxes, extra remotes, or even a visit from cable-company technicians.When is it coming? Tru2way sets have been demonstrated all year, and Chicago and Denver will be the first markets with the live technology. Does Tru2way have a real shot? Most of the major cable companies have signed up to implement it, as have numerous TV makers, including LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony. Panasonic began shipping two Tru2way TVs in late October, and Samsung may have sets that use the technology available in early to mid-2009.Curtains for DRMRealDVD's DRM-free format makes taking flicks on the road easier. This is the future of entertainment.RealDVD's DRM-free format makes taking flicks on the road easier. This is the future of entertainment.Petrified of piracy, Hollywood has long relied on technical means to keep copies of its output from making the rounds on peer-to-peer networks. It hasn't worked: Tools to bypass DRM on just about any kind of media are readily available, and feature films often hit BitTorrent even before they appear in theaters. Unfortunately for law-abiding citizens, DRM is less a deterrent to piracy than a nuisance that gets in the way of enjoying legally obtained content on more than one device.What is it? It's not what it is, it's what it isn't--axing DRM means no more schemes to prevent you from moving audio or video from one form of media to another. The most ardent DRM critics dream of a day when you'll be able to take a DVD, pop it in a computer, and end up with a compressed video file that will play on any device in your arsenal. Better yet, you won't need that DVD at all: You'll be able to pay a few bucks for an unprotected, downloadable version of the movie that you can redownload any time you wish.When is it coming? Technologically speaking, nothing is stopping companies from scrapping DRM tomorrow. But legally and politically, resistance persists. Music has largely made the transition already--Amazon and iTunes both sell DRM-free MP3s that you can play on as many devices as you want.Video is taking baby steps in the same direction, albeit slowly so far. One recent example: RealNetworks' RealDVD software (which is now embroiled in litigation) lets you rip DVDs to your computer with one click, but they're still protected by a DRM system. Meanwhile, studios are experimenting with bundling legally rippable digital copies of their films with packaged DVDs, while online services are tiptoeing into letting downloaders burn a copy of a digital movie to disc.That's progress, but ending all DRM as we know it is still years off. Keep your fingers crossed--for 2020.Use Any Phone on Any Wireless NetworkUse Any Phone on Any Wireless NetworkThe reason most cell phones are so cheap is that wireless carriers subsidize them so you'll sign a long-term contract. Open access could change the economics of the mobile phone (and mobile data) business dramatically as the walls preventing certain devices from working on certain networks come down. We could also see a rapid proliferation of cell phone models, with smaller companies becoming better able to make headway into formerly closed phone markets.What is it? Two years is an eternity in the cellular world. The original iPhone was announced, introduced, and discontinued in less than that time, yet carriers routinely ask you to sign up for two-year contracts if you want access to their discounted phones. (It could be worse--in other countries, three years is normal.) Verizon launched the first volley late last year when it promised that "any device, any application" would soon be allowed on its famously closed network. Meanwhile, AT&T and T-Mobile like to note that their GSM networks have long been "open."When is it coming? Open access is partially here: You can use almost any unlocked GSM handset on AT&T or T-Mobile today, and Verizon Wireless began certifying third-party devices for its network in July (though to date the company has approved only two products). But the future isn't quite so rosy, as Verizon is dragging its feet a bit on the legal requirement that it keep its newly acquired 700-MHz network open to other devices, a mandate that the FCC agreed to after substantial lobbying by Google. Some experts have argued that the FCC provisions aren't wholly enforceable. However, we won't really know how "open" is defined until the new network begins rolling out, a debut slated for 2010.Your Fingers Do Even More WalkingLast year Microsoft introduced Surface, a table with a built-in monitor and touch screen many industry watchers have seen it as a bellwether for touch-sensitive computing embedded into every device imaginable. Surface is a neat trick, but the reality of touch devices may be driven by something entirely different and more accessible: the Apple iPhone.What is it? With the iPhone, "multitouch" technology (which lets you use more than one finger to perform specific actions) reinvented what we knew about the humble touchpad. Tracing a single finger on most touchpads looks positively simian next to some of the tricks you can do with two or more digits. Since the iPhone's launch, multitouch has found its way into numerous mainstream devices, including the Asus Eee PC 900 and a Dell Latitude tablet PC. Now all eyes are turned back to Apple, to see how it will further adapt multitouch (which it has already brought to its laptops' touchpads). Patents that Apple has filed for a multitouch tablet PC have many people expecting the company to dive into this neglected market, finally bringing tablets into the mainstream and possibly sparking explosive growth in the category.When is it coming? It's not a question of when Multitouch will arrive, but how quickly the trend will grow. Fewer than 200,000 touch-screen devices were shipped in 2006. iSuppli analysts have estimated that a whopping 833 million will be sold in 2013. The real guessing game is figuring out when the old "single-touch" pads become obsolete, possibly taking physical keyboards along with them in many devices.Cell Phones Are the New PaperNext Year, you can drop paper boarding passes and event tickets and just flash your phone at the gate.Next Year, you can drop paper boarding passes and event tickets and just flash your phone at the gate.Log in to your airline's Web site. Check in. Print out your boarding pass. Hope you don't lose it. Hand the crumpled pass to a TSA security agent and pray you don't get pulled aside for a pat-down search. When you're ready to fly home, wait in line at the airport because you lacked access to a printer in your hotel room. Can't we come up with a better way?What is it? The idea of the paperless office has been with us since Bill Gates was in short pants, but no matter how sophisticated your OS or your use of digital files in lieu of printouts might be, they're of no help once you leave your desk. People need printouts of maps, receipts, and instructions when a computer just isn't convenient. PDAs failed to fill that need, so coming to the rescue are their replacements: cell phones.Applications to eliminate the need for a printout in nearly any situation are flooding the market. Cellfire offers mobile coupons you can pull up on your phone and show to a clerk Tickets.com now makes digital concert passes available via cell phone through its Tickets@Phone service. The final frontier, though, remains the airline boarding pass, which has resisted this next paperless step since the advent of Web-based check-in.When is it coming? Some cell-phone apps that replace paper are here now (just look at the ones for the iPhone), and even paperless boarding passes are creeping forward. Continental has been experimenting with a cell-phone check-in system that lets you show an encrypted, 2D bar code on your phone to a TSA agent in lieu of a paper boarding pass. The agent scans the bar code with an ordinary scanner, and you're on your way. Introduced at the Houston Intercontinental Airport, the pilot project became permanent earlier this year, and Continental rolled it out in three other airports in 2008. The company promises more airports to come. (Quantas will be doing something similar early next year.)Where You At? Ask Your Phone, Not Your FriendRight Now, only a handful of devices sport GPS service. In the near future, it will be the norm.Right Now, only a handful of devices sport GPS service. In the near future, it will be the norm.GPS is taking off, as phone makers, carriers, and service providers have realized that consumers generally have no idea where they are, ever. A location-based service (LBS) takes raw GPS data that pinpoints your location and enhances this information with additional services, from suggesting nearby restaurants to specifying the whereabouts of your friends.What is it? LBS was originally envisioned as simply using old-school cell-phone signal triangulation to locate users' whereabouts, but as the chips become more common and more sophisticated, GPS is proving to be not only handy and accurate but also the basis for new services. Many startups have formed around location-based services. Want a date? Never mind who's compatible who's nearby? MeetMoi can find them. Need to get a dozen people all in one place? Both Whrrl and uLocate's Buddy Beacon tell you where your friends are in real time.Of course, not everyone is thrilled about LBS: Worries about surreptitious tracking or stalking are commonplace, as is the possibility of a flood of spam messages being delivered to your phone.When is it coming? LBS is growing fast. The only thing holding it back is the slow uptake of GPS-enabled phones (and carriers' steep fees to activate the function). But with iPhones selling like Ben & Jerry's in July, that's not much of a hurdle to overcome. Expect to see massive adoption of these technologies in 2009 and 2010.25 Years of PredictionsOur Greatest HitsPredicting the future isn't easy. Sometimes PC World has been right on the money. At other times, we've missed it by a mile. Here are three predictions we made that were eerily prescient--and three where we may have been a bit too optimistic.1983 What we said: "The mouse will bask in the computer world limelight... Like the joystick before it, though, the mouse will fade someday into familiarity."We hit that one out of the park. Mice are so commonplace that they're practically disposable.1984 What we said: "Microsoft Windows should have a lasting effect on the entire personal computer industry.""Lasting" was an understatement. Windows has now amassed for Microsoft total revenues in the tens of billions of dollars and is so ubiquitous and influential that it has been almost , Two-factor authentication is a more secure way of protecting your online accounts. You really should enable it on every service that offers it, and here’s how to turn it on for Instagram.Unknown ObjectTwo-factor authentication is so named because it relies on two separate factors to verify your identity to an online service—something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone, tablet, or PC). To log into an account, you need not only your password, but also a one-time code that’s either generated by an app on your device or sent to your device via some service like text message. Even if someone steals your email and password details, they still can’t log in to your accounts.Open Instagram and head to your profile. Tap the gear icon at the top right to get the “Options” screen.To enable two-factor authentication, you need to have a phone number attached to your Instagram account. If you haven’t added a phone number already, tap “Edit Profile” and then tap the phone icon under “Private Information.”Type your phone number and then tap “Next.” In a few moments, you’ll be texted a confirmation code. Enter the code on the “Confirmation” screen, and then tap “Done” to add the phone number to your account.Next, head back to the “Options” screen and tap “Two-Factor Authentication.” Enable the “Require Security Code” option, and then tap “Turn On” when asked to confirm your actions.Instagram will once again text a confirmation code to the phone number attached to your account. Type that code on the “Confirmation” screen, and then tap “Done” to enable two-factor authentication.In case you’re not able to receive a text when you need to log in to your Instagram account, you also get five Backup Codes. We recommend taking a screenshot of the codes so they’re easy to find later. You can use each code one time to log in to your account.With that, you’re done. The next time you log in to your Instagram account, you’ll need to enter both your password and a security code.Last year, a hacker impersonated me to try and get some big Instagram accounts to give out their log in details. Luckily, he didn’t succeed. With two-factor authentication, even if he’d tricked the password out of the account owners, he wouldn’t have been able to log in. It’s worth enabling just to stay safe.Remember TV antennas? Well, they still exist. A digital TV antenna allows you to watch local TV stations for free, all without paying a dime to a cable provider.RELATED ARTICLECutting the Cord: Can Buying Episodes and Watching TV Online Be Cheaper Than Cable?We’ve talked about cutting the cord by relying on Internet services, but this is yet another way to cut that TV bill and get more content to watch. Follow along as we run you through not only which antenna to buy and the differences between them, but also which local channels you can receive based on where you live, and how strong of a signal you can get in the first place. Discover Your Local Channels and Their Signal StrengthTo find out which TV channels you can get over the air for free, we recommend visiting a site called TV Fool and using their signal locator tool. Simply enter your address and click on “Find Local Channels”.Give it a few moments to load the next page. Once it loads, you’ll see what looks like a round diagram with various lines inside, as well as a list of channels off to the right, highlighted in different colors.It can be a bit daunting trying to figure out what it all means, but the only thing you really need to pay the most attention to is the circular diagram. The lines you see are in various lengths, and each line represents a channel. The longer a line is and the closer it is to the center of the bullseye, the better the signal is for that channel based on your location.The direction of the lines are important as well. The diagram’s cross represents north, south, east, and west. As you can see from my diagram above, most of the broadcast signals are coming from the northeast, which means I should ideally place my antenna in the northeast corner of my house so that I can get the best signal possible. (More on antenna selection in a moment.)From the list of channels on the right-hand side, you really only need to focus on the distance of the broadcasts signals, which tells you how far away they are.Since many of the signals that I can get are fairly close to my location (only 5-10 miles away), placement of my antenna isn’t super critical. However, if your broadcast signals are farther away, you’ll need to pay extra close attention to where and how you place your antenna.TV Fool gives you a rough idea on this by using colors to highlight which channels you’ll easily receive and which ones would be more difficult. Channels in green are channels that you could get with a basic TV antenna, while channels highlighted in yellow and red will need a more powerful antenna and strategic placement.The Different Types of AntennasWhich type of antenna you purchase largely depends on the information that you gathered from above diagram, and different antennas are available depending on how far away you are from the broadcast signals.Indoor vs. Outdoor AntennasNot all TV antennas are weatherproof, and many cheaper ones are only meant to be placed indoors. If broadcast signals are relatively easy to come by in your area, then you’re probably fine getting an indoor antenna.If some of the broadcast signals are farther away, though, an indoor antenna may not be powerful enough. For that, you’ll need an outdoor antenna, built to take the grunt that mother nature provides, and reach much farther. Outdoor antennas are almost always more reliable, though they take a bit more work to set up.Directional vs. Multi-Directional AntennasYou’ll also want to consider whether the antenna you get is directional (also called uni-directional) or multi-directional (also called omni-directional). As you can guess, directional antennas grab a signal from a single direction, while multi-directional antennas can fetch signals coming from any direction.Multi-directional antennas are more convenient, but have a significant downside: their range is usually much weaker than directional antennas, which can put all of their power toward gain a signal from a single direction. Multi-directional antennas can also suffer from noise and interference coming from all directions, whereas a directional antenna can block all that out.Of course, a directional antenna will only work if the channels you want are all in one direction. If they’re coming from different parts of town, a directional antenna won’t work well for you.VHF vs. UHFTelevision broadcast signals are transmitted over two different frequencies: Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF), so it’s important that the antenna you end up buying supports either or both (ideally both).If you go back to your TV Fool analysis, you can take a look at the section below the list of channels, which will tell you what channels use UHF and which ones use VHF.You don’t need to know a whole lot about this, other than which frequency is used the most by the channels that you can receive over the air. If they’re mostly UHF, then you’ll want to be sure to buy an antenna that can grab UHF signals. Most antennas can grab both VHF and UHF channels anyway, but it’s good to check before you buy, just in case.A Note on Pre-AmplifiersOther than the antenna itself, you also may need what’s called a pre-amplifier, which is a small device that gets connected inline with the antenna’s coaxial cable on its way to your television.If the cable from the antenna to the TV is going to be any longer than 50 feet or so, then you’ll need to get a pre-amplifier. The longer the cable is, the weaker the signal gets by the time it reaches your television, so using a pre-amp (like this one) and installing it near the antenna inline with the cable will make sure that you don’t lose any signal strength.However, make sure to check if your antenna already comes with a pre-amp built in. Many outdoor antennas already do, since they know you’ll likely need a long run of cable to make it to your television.Our Recommended AntennasIf you’re looking for a basic indoor multi-directional antenna, this 1byone indoor antenna ($13) is one of the most popular indoor TV antennas on Amazon, thanks to its 25-mile range and measly price tag. If you just need a cheap, basic antenna to place in a window and be done with it, that’s a good option. It has a common flat design to it that many antenna makers use, so feel free to go with another company if the price is better—The Mohu Leaf ($40) is also very popular (I have one and it works great), and The Wirecutter recommends the ClearStream Eclipse ($40, amplified version for $60).Indoor directional antennas aren’t as common, but they do exist. This antenna from Terk ($60) is a popular option with a range of 45 miles. We’ve also used the 60-mile ClearStream 2 ($90) in the past with great results, though it’s a little big to be considered “indoor” (even though it’s labeled as such). Still, on an apartment balcony, we found it got all the channels in that direction with great clarity.If you want an outdoor multi-directional antenna, we use this amplified 60-mile range model from 1byone ($70) and it works great. There’s no need to point it in any specific direction, so you have a lot more options as far as where you could mount it on the outside of your house, which also helps since you need to run power to it.Outdoor directional antennas are extremely common, though, so you’ll find a lot of options in this area. 1byone’s outdoor directional antenna ($45) has an 85-mile range, which has a farther reach than their multi-directional model, but it’s also much larger. It also requires that you plug it into a power source, since it’s amplified.Again, there are lots of other antennas out there, but these are a few popular, highly rated options (and a few we’ve tried ourselves with good results). Every antenna will work a little differently depending on your neighborhood and where you set it up, so you may have to try a couple before you find the ideal one for you. Buy from somewhere with a good return policy!How to Hook Your Antenna Up to Your TVGot your antenna? Great! Now it’s time to set it up and try it out.You’ll first need to position the antenna in a good location (ideally where it has the best line-of-sight with signal towers). Again, if you get a very strong signal, a basic indoor antenna by your TV will probably be good enough. Mounting it by the window will get you a better signal, if you need it. (Don’t actually mount anything on your wall until you’re happy with the signal you get, though. You may need to move the antenna around to improve your signal and experiment with different locations.)If you need an outdoor antenna, though, it’ll take a bit more work to install—you’ll likely have to use a ladder to climb up and mount it to the roof or side of the house using the included hardware. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, call a professional. (Check to see if your house already has a roof antenna, too—many do!)After you’ve found a good place for your antenna, connect it to your television with the included coaxial cable. In the photo above, you can see how we’ve attached the coaxial cable from our antenna to the antenna input jack on our TV. And if your antenna is amplified, plug the amplifier into a power source. Our antenna can be powered via USB, so we plugged the USB cable that powers the amplification system into the TV’s USB port.Once it’s plugged in, head to your TV’s channel setup menu. Your TV will need to scan for available channels, which should take just a few minutes. When it’s done, you’ll be watching HD TV channels, you can cut the cable cord for good. If you aren’t getting the best signal possible, adjust the positioning and try scanning again—hopefully, with a bit of tweaking, you’ll be watching all your local channels in crystal-clear HD.The arrival of the original iPhone back in 2007 heralded a revolution in how we use computing power, transforming it from something that sat on a desk in a PC that got used nine-to-five, to something that we carried in our pockets and accessed all the time.Unknown ObjectAnd now, after almost a decade of furious change, the smartphone is at the height of its powers. It is our constant digital companion, having absorbed the capabilities of the PC, camera, TV, sat-nav, and more along the way.But -- to misquote -- the screen that shines twice as bright, shines half as long. And the smartphone has shone so very, very brightly.Smartphone innovation is grinding to a halt. There's just not that much more to stuff into a handset, which means that adding a curve to the screen is now considered the state of the art. Our smartphones are over-filled with clever features that most of us don't even know exist, and certainly have never used. In many countries the market is saturated.The smartphone has taken ten years to get from its first version to near complete.So what comes next?For a while it looked like wearables would be the next big thing, but it is proving just too hard to fit enough processing power and battery life into something like a smartwatch to make it a viable alternative to a phone. And, even if those two problems can be overcome, the screen is never going to be big enough on any wearable for it to be our primary connection to the digital world.That leaves augmented and virtual reality as the prime candidate.I've tried out both and they already are jaw-dropping, stunning technologies that most of the world continues to cheerfully ignore.I think that will change, and that today's smartphones already contain the seeds of their own demise.Smartphones like Samsung's Galaxy S8 (and almost certainly the next iPhone too) can already function as VR viewers when connected to headsets.I don't think this alone will create much of a breakthrough in terms of VR usage, although it will at least give consumers an idea of what is to come.My best guess is that in the medium term, once the idea of AR/VR is more popular, smartglasses will eventually make a comeback. Lots of things count against smartglasses -- the 'glasshole' effect has already been well documented, for example. And many people won't like wearing glasses because of the barrier that they can create (especially when someone is reading something on the lens of their glasses rather than paying attention to a conversation).But I just don't see a next evolution of personal technology that doesn't involved some sort of overlay on our vision.Smartglasses will in turn be a stepping stone to smart contact lenses or even the mind-reading tech that Facebook announced last week it is working on (Elon Musk has talked about something similar too).The smartphone won't die out entirely, of course. Old technologies don't die off, they just find their niche and fossilize.The closest model we have is the PC: rapid adoption to saturation level, then stagnation for a long time followed by a late burst of innovation before settling into a comfortable niche. Over the next five to 10 years the smartphone will do the same. People will be using smarphones for decades, just like some people still use pagers. But already Silicon Valley is looking past smartphones.Here's the problem. All of these future technologies like VR, and certainly the idea of using sensors to read thoughts, throw up huge questions around privacy, and around the appropriate use of technology and its impact on society.Those questions have already arisen in the smartphone age, like how appropriate is it to be tracked wherever we go? And what does it mean for society if we spend more time interacting with our phones than we do with each other?However, as smartglasses or mind-reading technology make our relationship with technology even more intimate and difficult to navigate, we may look back on the complications of the smartphone era with something resembling nostalgia.The day has come: after a pre-order period that ended yesterday, Samsung's new flagship phones — the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ — are now available for purchase in four markets: the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and South Korea. Samsung said the device would be rolling out to additional markets "in the weeks ahead."SEE ALSO: Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ prove you can never have too much screenSamsung's new phones are available on Samsung's website with pricing starting at $720 for the S8 and $820 for the S8+. You can also get the phone from all major U.S. carriers: Here are the links for the S8 at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. For the S8+, go here: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. And if you're unsure of whether you should get one, here's a quick recap: The Galaxy S8 and the S8+ are beautifully crafted devices with huge, elongated screens and powerful hardware, with the biggest issue being the bad fingerprint sensor placement on the back. Ten years ago, the Colts defeated the Bears, 29–17 in Super Bowl XLI before an iPhone-free audience. It wasn’t until that spring when Apple fans camped out to score the first iPhone, with Android launching later that year.Fast-forward to 2017 and the game has changed. The excitement of Super Bowl LI played out in front of a smartphone-enabled audience and, according to the Official Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Analytics Provider for the event, Extreme Networks, it proved to be the most connected one-day event of record.This isn’t hard to believe—a Deloitte study reported that Americans check their phones eight billion times a day. Yes, we’re hooked. What’s interesting is how a milestone event such as the Super Bowl can offer a bird’s eye view into how we’re hooked. This is a story told in numbers and, thanks to Extreme (and summarized in the infographic below), we have that data.Record-breaking DataLet’s start with the volume. According to Extreme’s analytics platform, a whopping 11.8 terabytes of data traversed the Wi-Fi network during Super Bowl LI. For those of us who glaze over when it comes to data metrics, that’s about 5,130 hours of HD Netflix streaming or nearly 3.4 million songs. It’s also nearly double the data reported for Super Bowl XLIX, a significant jump in just a two-year period.But what’s happening with all this connectivity? Social media was the top activity, with 14 percent of data attributed to fans scrolling and tapping their way through the network feeds. Facebook and Snapchat dominated, collectively comprising 10 percent of that activity. (Instagram and Twitter might want to make note that Snapchat jumped from last place to second in just one year.)Overall, social activity increased 55 percent from the previous year, a jump that Extreme attributed in part to the availability of live video broadcasting tools like Facebook Live.Increased reach beyond the stadiumThe data also showed that more fans took advantage of the free Wi-Fi at and around the game this year. At peak, there were 27,191 concurrent users, with 49 percent of attendees joining the Wi-Fi network. This is up 41 percent from last year.It’s also worth noting that Extreme’s connectivity wasn’t limited to NRG Stadium but was also available at the NFL Headquarters (within Houston’s Marriott Marquis), House of Blues and the nine-day Super Bowl LIVE event downtown. So, in addition to connecting over 143,000 fans as well as NFL owners, players and staff and transferring 20.52 terabytes of data across its Wi-Fi network during Super Bowl LI week, Extreme’s network also enabled attractions like Journey to Mars.The increase in the number of smartphones can contribute to the growth of Wi-Fi users at the event, though, as market intelligence provider IDC has reported, the velocity of smartphone adoption is leveling out.Another key factor may be awareness of the option for free Wi-Fi service. Consumers—and particularly the hyper-connected social storytelling types—are sensitive to network congestion at highly populated events and may be more likely to seek out alternatives. In fact, that which may be considered a perk right now (free Wi-Fi) may soon fall into the realm of expectation for major events.Where is it heading?With the next Super Bowl eleven months away, there’s plenty of time for surprises when it comes to trends in connected behavior. It’s reasonable to assume that social media will continue to dominate, but will Facebook continue to lead the way? How will the recent launch of Instagram Live impact the rankings? And is it possible that another platform could come in at the last minute, Patriots-style, and change the game?This is all a far cry from 2007’s flip phones, but it’s still just the beginning. Live broadcasting, along with virtual and augmented reality, is still in the novelty stage we can expect that these and other technologies will be more integrated into the game experience in the coming years. For example, imagine 360-degree views of the field, or haptic technology that allows audiences to experience the sensation of a tackle (in moderation, hopefully), and the eventual blurring of the in-person and at-home experience.Whatever’s in store, it’s safe to say that this year’s record-breaking connectivity will not hold that record for long. Horoskopi ditor për diten e enjte Data- 27-04- 2017DASHI21. mars - 20. prillUnknown ObjectDita e sotme do ketë vetëm diell për ju qe jeni ne një lidhje. Do i pranoni gabimet qe keni bere dhe do gjeni një mënyrë te shkëlqyer për te kërkuar falje. Beqaret edhe sikur te mos duan nuk do e shmangin dot një dashuri me shikim te pare. Për financat perspektivat do jene te mira. Nëse bëni një menaxhim me te kujdesshëm mund te ketë edhe goxha përmirësime.DEMI21. prill - 21. majDite pozitive dhe e veçante do jete kjo e sotmja për ata qe janë ne një lidhje. Ne jetën tuaj do mbizotërojë gjate gjithë kohës alegria dhe harmonia. Beqaret duhet te jene me te sinqerte me personat qe do takojnë ne mënyrë qe te krijojnë një lidhje vërtet te forte dhe serioze. Ne planin financiar problemet do jene te njëpasnjëshme dhe nuk do ndiheni aspak te qete.BINJAKET22. maj - 21. qershorJeta juaj ne çift do jete shume e mire gjate gjithë kësaj dite, megjithatë te dy palët do mendoni t'i jepni edhe me shume alegri situatës. Çdo çast ka për te qene fantastik. Beqaret do bien ne dashuri me një mik te vjetër dhe do kenë druajtje t'ia shprehin ndjenjat. Për financat qielli do jete ne avantazh dhe gjendja do ketë goxha përmirësime. Mund te kryeni edhe ndonjë investim me tepër.GAFORRJA22. qershor - 22. korrikDëgjojeni me shume partnerin tuaj gjate kësaj dite dhe mundohuni te mos i dilni kundër për asgjë. Ai nuk do jete ne humorin e duhur dhe atëherë kur nuk do e prisni mund te keni debate te forta. Beqaret do kenë disa takime, por asnjë nga personat nuk do ua mbushe mendjen plotësisht. Ne planin financiar do i rregulloni problemet qe keni pasur dhe do jeni me te qete.LUANI23. korrik - 22. gushtDo jeni me sensuale dhe me shprehës ndaj partnerit ju te dashuruarit. Marrëdhënia me te ka për te qene gjithë kohës e mbushur me emocion. Beqaret me ne fund do ndihen gati për te filluar edhe aventura kalimtare, mjafton qe te mos qëndrojnë me vetëm. Ne planin financiar gjerat nuk do jene shume te lehta, por me maturi, përkujdes dhe këmbëngulja mund t'ia dilni.VIRGJERESHA23. gusht - 23. shtatorFati do ju buzëqeshë ju te dashuruarve sot dhe marrëdhënia me partnerin do përmirësohet aq shume saqë te gjithë do ju kenë zili. Beqaret do kenë goxha njohje, por do preferojnë t'i marrin gjerat shtruar dhe do presin pak para se te hedhin hapa. Me buxhetin çdo gjë do ece me se miri nëse i kryeni me kujdes shpenzimet. Hua mos jepni sepse gjendja juaj nuk do jete ne periudhën me te mire.PESHORJA24. shtator - 23. tetorSot do i jepni prioritet jetës tuaj familjare dhe jo partnerit ne veçanti. Nëse nuk jeni te fejuar apo te martuar kjo gjë nuk do përbëjë problem, por nëse keni thjesht një lidhje, ai qe keni ne krah do mërzitet. Me mire shpjegojani situatën. Beqaret me mire te mos hedhin hapa sot sepse mund te zhgënjehen. Yjet do ju mbështesin ne planin financiar dhe gjendja do ketë përmirësime te vazhdueshme.AKREPI24. tetor - 22. nëntorDite e ngrohte do jete kjo e sotmja për te dashuruarit. Pranë partnerit do përjetoni emocione te papërshkrueshme dhe nuk do dëshironi qe ai te largohet për asnjë çast. Beqaret duhet te bëjnë ende pak durim ne mënyrë qe te gjejnë personin me te përshtatshëm. Ne planin financiar nuk priten vështirësi, prandaj mund t'i kryeni pa frike edhe disa shpenzime te menduara.SHIGJETARI23. nëntor - 21. dhjetorDite e ngrohte do jete kjo e sotmja për te dashuruarit. Pranë partnerit do përjetoni emocione te papërshkrueshme dhe nuk do dëshironi qe ai te largohet për asnjë çast. Beqaret duhet te bëjnë ende pak durim ne mënyrë qe te gjejnë personin me te përshtatshëm. Ne planin financiar nuk priten vështirësi, prandaj mund t'i kryeni pa frike edhe disa shpenzime te menduara.BRICJAPI22. dhjetor - 20. janarDite e zakonshme dhe pa ndonjë gjë te veçante do jete kjo e sotmja për ata qe janë ne një lidhje. Për fat te mire nuk do keni as debate me partnerin. Beqaret mire është te mendohen disa here para se te dalin me dike sepse mund te bëjnë gabime. Financat nuk do jene te këqija, por as aq te mira sa për te shpenzuar me sy mbyllur për çdo gjë qe do doni.UJORI21. janar - 19. shkurtVështirësitë qe keni kaluar kohet e fundit ne jetën tuaj ne çift do ju bëjnë te keni me tepër besim tek partneri. Te dy se bashku ja dolët mbanë te kalonit sfidat qe ju dolën. Beqaret do vazhdojnë njohjet me disa persona, por nuk do ndihen gati për te hedhur hapa me tej. Financat do jene goxha delikate dhe shpesh do gjendeni ne vështirësi te mëdha.PESHQIT20. shkurt - 20. marsDite jo e mire do jete kjo e sotmja për te dashuruarit. Ne shume momente do mërziteni e do inatoseni me atë qe keni ne krah. Beqaret do kenë një takim premtues, i cili do ua ndryshoje tërësisht jetën dhe do i beje te ndihen te plotësuar. Nëse kohet e fundit e keni menaxhuar me kujdes dhe largpamësi buxhetin, gjendja ka për te qene e shkëlqyer edhe sot. Samsung Electronics has reported Q1 earnings in line with its guidance: as predicted, the company made an operating profit of 9.9 trillion won (about $8.7 billion), its second biggest quarter ever and its highest ever figure for the January to March period. Revenue was 50.55 trillion won, or about $44.7 billion.Unknown ObjectSamsung says that the record-breaking profit was down to strong sales in its components businesses: mostly displays and memory. Although the Galaxy S8 wasn’t released in this three-month period, Samsung’s unit that develops processors and image sensors also improved its earnings, likely because of ramping up production in anticipation of the latest flagship launch.But Samsung’s key mobile business saw revenue slide due to a decline in flagship product sales. That’s not altogether surprising considering the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, and it’s natural that demand would be lower for the Galaxy S7 range right before the launch of the S8. Samsung also lowered the price of the S7, further contributing to the decrease in revenue.Samsung confirmed that a new flagship phone will be coming in the second half of the year, though it’s unclear whether it’ll adopt the tainted Note brand. If nothing else, the mobile business shouldn’t have much trouble posting better numbers this time next year. GooooooooooooooogleGoogle needs to be in the hardware business. It’s infiltrated nearly all aspects of our lives to an alarming degree. It controls our emails through Gmail, knows where we go through Maps, has a list of every person we communicate with via Android, and understands our every interest thanks to its search engine and Chrome. Unknown ObjectYet it’s gonna hit a wall soon. A company as large as Google can’t infiltrate every point of the human experience with software and services alone. It needs to be producing the phones we text on and the computers we browse on. Last April it was reported that Google was aggressively hiring a hardware team in preparation for a big push, and sure enough, by the end of the year, the company had released a whole line of gadgets across categories ranging from smart phones to smart speakers.One year later, there have been some setbacks. On Thursday, David Foster, whom Google poached from Amazon to guide the development and release of the future Pixel phones, departed from the company. Foster’s initial hiring appeared to be a big win for Google last year. He ran Lab126 at Amazon, the lab responsible for the Kindle, Fire, and Echo. Working under fellow poachee, Rick Osterloh (who was a big Motorola Mobility exec), Foster was going to take over the reins of the Pixel, a phone that was announced only a few days after his joining the team.But now Foster’s gone. “It wasn’t a good fit, or it wasn’t what he was expecting,” analyst Jan Dawson of Jackson Research told Gizmodo. According to Dawson, a departure only six months into Foster’s tenure likely had little to do with the hardware he was developing at Google. “There’s no obvious reason why he’d want to abandon ship.” As Dawson told Gizmodo, the hardware Google’s released thus far has been “well reviewed.”With Google’s I/O developer conference coming up next month, let’s take a look back at that “well reviewed” Google hardware. Last year I/O was where Google announced both the Home and Daydream—two products that seemed like they could redefine their respective categories. And the products turned out well enough. But now that we’ve got a little distance for perspective, it’s worth asking whether the year Google got serious about building its own hardware was actually good.Google PixelIn the controlled settings of the Google Pixel launch, Google’s first in-house phone seemed to be some kind of genius. Not just because it came in a vibrant blue version, but because Google Assistant, the company’s answer to Siri, seemed to be genuinely smart.Then everyone got their hands on an actual Pixel and it was revealed to be a nice phone, but not the hype machine Google wanted and needed. (And Google Assistant was really, really stupid.)Now, six months later, we’ve all seen the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the Pixel feels more outdated than ever. Sure, the S8 shipped without its digital assistant intact, but its hardware is the best you can get. There’s no phone with better specs or looks.The Pixel looks downright embarrassing beside it.It looks more like a rip-off of an old iPhone than like the first phone from one of the largest and most influential tech companies in the world. The next version of the Pixel will need to be more forward thinking. Unfortunately, the few rumors we’ve heard about the product suggest it will be chasing Samsung’s glory by rocking a curved display. Come on Google, you can be more innovative than that!Google WifiAnnounced in October 2016, and available in December 2016, Google Wifi is a very nice little mesh router. For $300, you get three, so you can place them all over your home to blanket it in wi-fi (a single router retails for $129). It’s attractive, and pretty easy to set up, and if you’ve ever seen Eero, then you’re going to scratch you head, because they’re a lot alike.A Stupid Simple Router for Super Lazy PeopleWi-fi routers suck. They’re universally ugly and hard to use. But Eero’s little internet pods are…Read moreThe two products neck and neck when you test them speed wise as well. They even have similar software. The only difference besides price (Eero is $100 more)? Eero’s been out since 2015. Google’s first in-house router operates at the same level as a year-old crowdfunded device.Google HomeI really, really liked Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo when it first came out. It’s more attractive, has better audio, and ties into Google Music—my music player of choice. There’s one by my bed that I try and use on a regular basis. I say try, because I am positive the Google Home has gotten stupider since it was released in November 2016.When you have smart devices like the Home or Echo, you learn to always enunciate clearly when speaking to them. I call it the “Echo voice.” The Home often struggles to understand that. Sometimes I get exactly what I have requested. Other times it forgets that it can do something it did THE DAY BEFORE.I ask it the weather.“Sorry, I don’t know how to do that yet.”I ask it to turn off the lights.“Sorry, I don’t know how to do that yet.”I ask it to play some music to sleep to.“Sorry, I can’t find your ‘music to sleep to’ playlist.”The genius of the smart home has apparently been bumped in the noggin one too many times since purchase. But Google keeps promising the Home will get better, and it has actually added some new features. If you have a Chromecast or Android TV you can actually control it via voice—the 50-percent of the time Home understands you.Google Chromecast UltraA bright point in a cloud of “eh” products. The Chromecast Ultra works great. But it is also just a regular Chromecast, now streaming in 4K. So it isn’t any kind of game changer—certainly not like the original Chromecast.Google Daydream ViewOkay. This is actually an innovative product from Google. Its design, all soft like an old t-shirt, is infinitely better than the ugly plastic goggles everyone else makes, and its small controller, that neatly slots into the headset when neither is in use, is so smart Samsung went and copied it with the latest Gear VR.But if your biggest innovation in the hardware space comes from a mobile VR headset, you’re not exactly doing great. People didn’t see the Daydream View and say, “YES. I need to buy this immediately so I can watch videos in 360 on YouTube.”They say, “Neat, I hope this gets cheap one day so I can buy one to shut the kids up on a road trip.”With Foster gone, Google’s got a chance to shift things around internally. And it needs to. Google IO is only a few weeks away. Last year, Google announced both the Home, and Daydream to wonderstruck its audience. This year, that audience will be much more savvy, and Google’s going to need to have something extraordinary under the curtain.Donald Trump: "Remain True to Self"Sunday night, Donald Trump (once again) pushed back against a New York Times report suggesting the gaffe-prone lunatic might be willing to “adjust his tone” going into the general election, promising in an oddly inspirational tweet to never, ever change.Unknown ObjectTrump Threatens to Revoke NYT Press Credentials Again Trump is throwing yet another tantrum at the New York Times, this time over a reported article…“I have always been the same—remain true to self,” wrote Trump. “The media wants me to change but it would be very dishonest to supporters to do so!”I have always been the same person-remain true to self.The media wants me to change but it would be very dishonest to supporters to do so!In a followup tweet, Trump appeared to address criticism from within the Republican party about his inability to “stay on message,” blaming the media for the perception that he’s constantly saying wacky shit."Stay on message" is the chant. I always do - trade, jobs, military, vets, 2nd A, repeal Ocare, borders, etc - but media misrepresents!For months now, Trump’s advisors have suggested a “pivot” is just around the corner, but as much as his positions might change, Republicans must know the candidate himself never will.Google Australia has confirmed that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is chasing it for a debt relating to unpaid tax, noting it will "lodge an objection" against the amended income tax assessments it was issued at year-end."Such contingencies relate to reviews for open tax years as well as certain transactions and computations for which the ultimate tax determination is uncertain during the ordinary course of business," the company wrote in a filing to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).LATEST AUSTRALIAN NEWSAFP 'mistakenly' accessed journalist call records, breaching metadata laws136 complaints arise from ATO's string of HPE hardware outagesNBN should increase FttP and FttDP connections: SA governmentKickass torrents blocked in Australia under Universal rulingTelstra 'staff error' continues plaguing SSU compliance"The company will continue to uphold its positions against any and all such claims."The company will lodge an objection and make a payment to the Commissioner of Taxation to stay recovery action, consistent with the Australian Taxation Office's practice."Google admitted back in 2015 it was being audited by the ATO for tax avoidance.At the time, former Google Australia managing director and now ANZ group executive of Digital Banking Maile Carnegie said the majority of the company's taxes were paid in the US, because that is where the global headquarters is based where the company generates the most investment in research and development and where it undertakes the most risk."The explanation for why an Australian multinational, whether they be in mining or in biotech, is able to generate the majority of their revenue outside of Australia but pay the majority of their taxes inside of Australia is that the Australian-based headquarters does most of the investment and carries most of the risk," she told a Senate inquiry into tax avoidance."That explanation is also why Google pays most of its taxes in our US headquarters, because the US headquarters is where the majority of our costs are borne."SolarWinds is #1 in network monitoring. See why with a FREE trial of Network Performance MonitorReduce network outages and improve performance with advanced network monitoring software. SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is the ONLY monitoring solution with NetPath™ for hop-by-hop visibility, even into the cloud. With NPM you...Downloads provided by SolarWindsGoogle was also previously called out by the federal government for employing the so-called Double Irish Dutch Sandwich method, which is the process of funnelling money through other countries from Australia in order to pay a lower tax rate.During the 2016 calendar year, the local arm of the search engine giant paid just shy of AU$40.6 million in tax, with its financial statement indicating income tax payable during the year was AU$32.9 million -- more than double the AU$16 million tax it paid in 2015.For the 12-months ending December 31, 2016, Google Australia made AU$105 million in after-tax profit, up from AU$47 million the previous year.It was revealed in December that for the 2014-15 financial year, Google, in addition to Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, upped the amount of tax they paid in Australia over the year prior.According to the ATO 2014-15 Corporate Tax Transparency report, Google handed over AU$12 million in tax after earning AU$439 million in 2014-15.The principal activities of Google Australia during the financial year were to sell advertising and information management technology services and related products, as well as to provide services, assistance, and advice in connection with marketing and sales support for web search engine services and advertising services, the ASIC filing indicated.Effective from January 1, 2016, the company restructured its business such that it recognised revenue from the selling of certain services and products to Australian-based customers. Revenue from these operations came in at just over AU$1.14 billion for the year -- a year on year increase of AU$644 million.Gross profit was AU$442 million, with operating expenses totalling AU$324 million -- comprised mainly of AU$228 million in sales and marketing expenses -- for the year.Prior to 2016, Google Australia undertook marketing and sales support activities on behalf of a related entity and earned a service fee as a result. The local arm has therefore attributed its revenue increase to the restructure of the company from a service entity to a reseller and service entity.Additionally, the company provides research and development (R&D) support for Google technologies and charges Google Inc for services.The Australian government legislated a new Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) in March, which is intended to prevent the practice of multinational organisations shifting profits made in Australia offshore to avoid paying tax.The DPT will hit multinationals with global revenue of more than AU$1 billion and Australian revenue of greater than AU$25 million with a 40 percent tax on all profits.Slated to commence on July 1, 2017, the new tax is expected to see AU$100 million in revenue per year -- from 2018-19 -- stay on Australian soil.The new legislation mirrors one implemented in the United Kingdom, nicknamed the Google Tax after the search engine giant was ordered to pay the UK government £130 million in back taxes.During the fiscal year, Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google Australia, reported $94.8 billion in revenue.For the 12 months to December 31, 2016, Alphabet posted net income of $20.7 billion. David Foster, VP of hardware product development at Google, has left the company six months after Google recruited him from Amazon.Foster was charged with leading development of Google's Pixel smartphone and Home speaker. He joined Google in the days surrounding the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL in October 2016.Amidst a bigger hardware push from Google, Foster reported to Rick Osterloh, the former Motorola executive Google hired last year.At Amazon, Foster led development of the Echo smart speaker and Kindle tablets, and before that, worked at Apple and IBM for a short stint.A Google spokesperson confirmed Foster's departure, but declined to offer specifics.Google currently doesn't plan to replace Foster, according to Bloomberg.Bloomberg reported Google still plans to release at least two new Pixel models this fall. Osterloh is said to have previously hinted the Pixel lineup will be refreshed annually and stay premium.It's also rumored Google could launch a third Pixel and new Google Home speaker this year. This sector is said to replace IT as top paymasterRanking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector will pay out fairly large increments this time around in sharp contrast to the last couple of years when hikes were affected, the Team-Lease Jobs and Salaries Primer: 2017 has revealed.Unknown ObjectAfter IT sector's more-than-four-years monopoly, BFSI is at the top rung for the first time with salary increments averaging 11.2 %, says the primer which has two new sectors — e-commerce and education services —and more than a 100 new job profiles in this edition.While sectors such as construction and real estate, automobile, industrial manufacturing and allied industries, which were hit by demonetization, have cut back on increments, others such as FMCG and retail have rallied.9 technology companies in India that cut jobs in 2017The year 2017 seems to have started on a harsh note for the technology sector in the country. With funding drying up and global political changes, many startups and technology companies in the country are staring at an uncertain future, making them cut costs. This has resulted in pink slips across many of these companies. Here's a look at nine technology companies that cut jobs this year.LeEcoFour months after Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting acknowledged his company LeEco was fast running out of cash, the erstwhile high-flying company has fired 85% of its India staff and allowed two leadership exits in what the industry says is a precursor to its eventual withdrawal from the South Asian nation.Industry executives attributed the likely exit to the financial crisis at the parent firm and its decision to focus on China and the US.​ AircelIn February this year, cellular services major Aircel reportedly gave pink slips to 700 of its employees -- around 10% of its pan-India staff strength - in its first stage of manpower downsizing amid a huge wave of consolidation that is going to engulf India's telecommunication sector. Aircel has around 8,000 employees in India.​ SnapdealLate last month Indian e-tailer Snapdeal confirmed that it is cutting jobs, but declined to specify the exact number of employees affected by the decision. The news comes as the Gurgaon-based company looks to turn around its fortunes after a dismal 12 months.Separately, in an internal email sent to employees, the SoftBank, Foxconn and Alibaba Group-backed company's founders, Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, have pledged not to take a salary, for an unspecified period.YepMeFashion retailer YepMe recently laid off an unspecified number of people from its warehousing and quality control teams. Vivek Gaur, founder of YepMe told TOI, "We were planning to break-even in January. But demonetisation hit, (the option for cash payments on delivery) disappeared and sales were down. We decided to move our focus outside of India." The company recently began operations in the United Kingdom. "In India, we decided to recalibrate the business and decided that the best thing is to outsource certain functions," he added.CraftsvillaThe ethnic fashion website Craftsvilla reportedly laid of hundreds of employees recently. "(Craftsvilla) has laid off more than 100 staffers in recent weeks, including its entire product and technology teams and most of its operations and marketing teams," a former senior executive of the company told ET.​ PayUPayment gateway PayU India recently dropped plans to launch a credit card product. This reportedly resulted in the company handing out pinkslips to its its 85-member call centre team and collection team of 25.TolexoIndustrial marketplace Tolexo is recently laid of about 50 employees. The job cuts come as the company integrates its teams with parent IndiaMART. Some reports also put the number to 300."Tolexo as a platform had been taking orders from retail as well as wholesale customers, but since we realised that our value proposition is strongest for wholesalers, we have decided to focus only on this segment," CEO Brijesh Agrawal.​ Girnar SoftwareInternet company Girnar Software, which runs auto portals CarDekho.com, Gaadi.com and Zigwheels.com, recently cut over 100 jobs as part of a restructuring exercise to cut costs.The company, which has been on an acquisition spree over the past two years, is said to be cutting the jobs in order to keep its commitment to the board to become a profitable firm by the first quarter of the next fiscal and reduce "dependence on external investor funds".StayzillaHomestay startup Stayzilla recently shut down operations. The Chennai-based online hotel aggregator failed to raise a fresh round funding of $20 million. Started in 2005, the company was among one of the earliest hotel room aggregators in the country. The company let go of its 210-member team.In a blog post, Stayzilla CEO and founder Yogi Vasupal wrote this: “I would like to announce today that we would be bringing to a halt the operations of Stayzilla in its current form. This has been one of the toughest decisions that I have taken so far but it is the right thing to do.”"The overall job creation outlook is slated to continue unabated, effects of demonetization notwithstanding due to both private and foreign investments," said Rituparna Chakraborty, executive vice president, TeamLease Services.Blue-collar jobs have been in demand for a few years now thanks to low supply and high demand, but more sophisticated job profiles have now emerged — and employers are willing to pay commensurate salaries. Skills in demand include physical strength & fitness, basic reading, written and oral communication, interpersonal skills, reflective thinking. Salaries average from Rs 11,500 for a module assembly technician, Rs 12,000 for a cable operator, Rs 14,000 for a medical lab technician to Rs 19,000 for a service supervisor.Consequently, variance between temporary and permanent salaries has narrowed sharply in as many as six cities and seven sectors, the report reveals. Chandigarh (0.92% -2.85%), Kolkata (1% - 3.14%), and Ahmedabad (1.08% - 2.73%) tops in this aspect while in terms of sectors, it is IT (1% - 1.16%), manufacturing (1.02% -1.15%), telecommunications (0.92% -1.29%) and BFSI (1.15% - 1.21%).More than half the cities surveyed by the HR service provider for research have double-digit salary growth. Bangalore (15.16%), Chandigarh (12.87%), Delhi (12.4%), Hyderabad (12.11%), Mumbai (11.78%) and Pune (11.52%) lead the pack, trailed by Ahmedabad (9.43%), Chennai (10.28%), Kolkata (10.83%).Job surge for people with niche IT skills"However this is not a widespread trend but rewarding selective high-performance profiles," said Chakraborty. Salary growth comes in spurts: about 6 of the 9 cities covered and 30% of profiles gain in double digits.E-commerce and educational services — both additions to the list — reward and hire above par. New-age e-commerce and mature and organised educational services are fine-focused on talent acquisition and pay top dollar to the premium profiles they hire.The hot and upcoming jobs category gets a boost from as many as 9 out of the 17 sectors surveyed. Sectors hiring new profiles include agriculture and agrochemicals, BPOs and ITeS, BFSI, FMCD, healthcare & pharma, hospitality, IT, media and entertainment, e-commerce and tech startups.Project managers and analysts join the ranks of roles bagging top salaries across sectors. Procurement analyst, senior credit analyst, software analyst, digital marketing head, NRI relationship manager, chief planning officer and chief technology officer — a slew of new job profiles take away the focus from IT roles. Facebook is definitely not a media company, it is reportedly planning to launch two original TV programs in mid-June.Unknown ObjectUnknown objectIn December, various online reports said Facebook would follow Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix's steps in the original content game.And now, many sources have told Business Insider that these plans are toward realization.Internal business sources say Facebook will include a video file and many comedy programs that last between five and thirty minutes.Facebook will no longer remain just a social network, but also a giant TV with programs that attract about 2 billion users. Apple is making big changes to iPhone 8. How to increase your salary !!?Every job deserves to be paid. Like your job. Do you think your salary is a bit low?Unknown ObjectOkay, if you're really convinced of it, then it's time to look for a boost. We do not assure you that your attempt will succeed. But we have some tips for you. That will make it easier for you to work on raising your salary potential.- First of all, do not expect the salary increase to be realized from the very first moments of hiring. Increase your salary you deserve! But before this happens you have to wait a certain period of time. Your work outcomes should be visible.- To be sure you will have a salary increase, make sure your firm is working to be active and successful. Inform yourself about figures, agreements or development perspectives.- Study the relative payroll of your peers working in the same job or in different firms that do the same job as you do. You can find such information on the Internet, newspapers or even during peer talks.- You can expect on average an increase that can range from 5 to 15%.Pick the right moment- A kind of analysis of results that is made yearly looks like the ideal moment. Just bear in mind that you will not be the only one to seek a salary increase. So choose a moment that is not so typical for such requests. It is likely that your request will be considered at such a time. Even your pay rise may be higher.- If the task changes or new responsibilities are entrusted, then you can justify your salary increase even better.Choose your interlocutor- Direct your boss directly. Try to imagine the interlocutor's reaction, imagining what may happen.- Prepare examples that show how useful you are for the company.- Make a list of new tasks that can be trusted.During the conversation- Content: Start by showing everything you have done for the company and what you have brought new. What have you accomplished and what are your goals for the future? Finally, begin to talk about concrete figures.- Shape: You must have a victorious attitude. Be positive and above all smiles: you will show how motivated you are. Be cut, but not aggressive. Dialogue is very important. Listen carefully to the interlocutor to understand his version as well.Errors that should not be done- Avoid conflicts- Never start talking by talking about numbers. Leave your interlocutor to make the salary proposal first.- No statement of type: "If you do not increase my salary, I'll leave!" Because if you're not going to put your threats into practice, you're sure to lose credibility.- No comparison with your colleagues. Because. This means you are criticizing your supervisor's work.In case of refusal- Try to acquire other types of advantages eg: extra holidays, more flexible hours, work car.- Search for more responsibilities. This way you will understand how important you are to your supervisor. After six months or a year, you can seek again growth.- If no changes occur during this period, decide whether to stay or change jobs. These are the 8 things you should know about money if you want to become a millionaire !!!Even though you have not managed to start collecting or arranging your money for the moment, it is good if you think that you are going to start now.Unknown ObjectUnknown ObjectMoney Experts share with us these tips on what we need to know about money and how to become a millionaire.Find out what it is about:1) Understand the power of negotiation2) Take it seriously when it comes to saving money3) Share your strengths4) Cut down unnecessary costs5) Look closely at the salary you receive6) Reduce your debts7) Put your capital in preference8) Provide your financial future even if you are aloneFacebook opens 3,000 new jobs!Unknown ObjectThrough a live broadcast, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that he will employ 3,000 additional employees over the next year to monitor the content and processing of violent videos."Over the last few weeks, we have seen people who hurt themselves and others on Facebook, posted through some videos. It is terrible to see those images and I've been reflecting on how we can do better for our community. If we want to create a safe community, we must react quickly. We are creating a group to make these videos easier to report on social networks, which are also followed by children, "said Zuckerberg.The new employees will join the community operations team on Facebook, where for the whole day they will review the "millions of reports" that the network receives every week regarding posts that could violate the terms of the ethics."In addition to 4,500 employees who are now reviewing the posts, 3,000 will be added with the hope of improving the site, in a fast track. Reviewers will also help us to control both the use of hate speech and the exploitation of children, "he said in Facebook's post.Facebook has recently been criticized for not making any efforts to prevent videos that show violent incidents. This is the reason for opening jobs, not just to help the community, but to build a robust social and social network. ​The Secret to Controlling Other People !Consider a simple example: Tom tells Jerry that he's found a great new walking track in a National Park not far from where they live, so they decide to go for a walk on the weekend. They decide to bring their families along and arrange that Tom will drive to Jerry’s house and then Jerry will follow him in his car to the start of the walk. On the way, Jerry decides that he wants to keep his car a constant 50 meters behind Tom’s. When they finally arrive at the destination, Jerry comments, “I had to keep speeding up and slowing down to stay with you, Tom."Unknown ObjectJerry is exactly right. He did “have to."As soon as he set a goal of staying a certain distance behind Tom, Tom had complete control over how fast Jerry drove. Tom might not have consciously exercised that control he might not have even realized he had it. But it was there nevertheless. If Tom sped up, Jerry had to speed up. If Tom slowed down, Jerry had to slow down. For as long as Jerry wanted to maintain a constant distance behind Tom, Tom was able to control how fast Jerry drove. Tom certainly didn’t have control over all aspects of Jerry as a driver—he couldn’t control Jerry’s choice of music or how he held the steering wheel—but he did have control over how fast Jerry went.This simple example reveals a principle that applies generally: When you know an important goal that someone else has, if you can arrange situations so that they only achieve their goal by behaving in certain ways, then you can control their behavior for as long as they continue to pursue that goal.This fundamental principle is the basis of things like praise, reinforcement, andpunishment. If you want praise from someone, they will be able to get you to behave in various ways by praising you when you do. Stickers work in schools because we first teach children that stickers are great things to have, and then, when we’ve got them wanting the stickers, we only give the stickers to them when they do what we require.But this fragile relationship of manipulating circumstances to see people behave in certain ways depends entirely on those people’s goals. When stickers don’t “work” any more, in the sense that other people won’t do what you want them to do to get your "stickers," all that has happened is that those people have changed their goals about wanting stickers. Perhaps, now, the goal to wind you up is more attractive than the goal to accumulate stickers.The thing that is often forgotten with a sticks-and-carrots ethos is that whether something is a stick or a carrot is determined entirely by the person to whom the stick or carrot is being applied. A “carrot” is simply something a person wants and a “stick” is something the person wants to avoid.What people want can change when this happens, the landscape of sticks and carrots changes, too. Food can often be used to get hungry people to behave in particular ways if someone is on a hunger strike, however, food will be a useless manipulator. Some people will do a lot of things for money but not even that works on everyone. At the end of the day, it’s all relative.Whenever you’re feeling as though another person seems to be yanking your chain or controlling you in some way, you might be completely correct. But instead of asking them to change what they’re doing (which could also be a useful strategy) it may be helpful to check your own goals: What’s important to you at the moment? What do you want? What goals are at the front of your mind? If you can somehow change your own goals you will also change the dynamics of the relationship with the other person. Changing your own goals is not always easy but it can be a lot easier than changing another person.It’s a fact that, because of the way we are designed, other people can control our behavior. It’s also a fact, though, that they only control our behavior by manipulating the extent to which we are able to achieve goals that are important to us. It’s our own private collection of goals that determines what will be sticks and carrots for each of us. By getting to know our own goals better we will have the best chance of developing satisfying relationships and forging the life we want. The Secret to Controlling Other People , Here's the next invention, iPhone can prepare coffee too !!!"It was not just this phone that made coffee." Think it's a joke? Not anymore, because a few days ago has been released a simple iPhone phone protector which will really make coffee.Unknown ObjectThe word defender is called "Mokase" and is invented by an Italian company. The process for preparing coffee on the site "Libero" is simple. It is enough to insert coffee and sugar capsules into the empty space of the phone (or holder) of the phone and then go to the app where it gives the ok process. Within a short time a cup of hot coffee will be ready.On Facebook is a page with the name of this defender where you can find more details.It will cost $ 63, and is still a pilot project. Apple will likely expand NFC features beyond Apple Pay with iOS 11Apple yesterday took the wraps off iOS 11 and detailed a healthy chunk of new features set to arrive for iPad and iPhone owners some time this fall. One aspect of the new mobile OS that wasn’t talked about during the keynote was a new “Core NFC” framework that could expand near-field communication features for Apple devices beyond just its mobile payments support.Unknown ObjectThe change in how iOS makes use of NFC is detailed in a documentation webpage for the beta version of iOS 11, and it was reported by Engadget earlier today. (Apple did announce on stage yesterday that its upcoming watchOS 4 release would let the Apple Watch communicate with supported gym equipment using NFC.)As it stands today, NFC is used on the iPhone solely to transmit payment requests between a mobile device and a card reader. This is because Apple restricts how the chip is used at a system level within iOS. With the new Core NFC framework, however, Apple could let third-party developers make use of NFC in novel ways, or it could simply expand NFC functions beyond Apple Pay for use in its own apps and services. The documentation page says, “For example, your app might give users information about products they find in a store or exhibits they visit in a museum.”As Engadget points out, there are more useful NFC use cases that go beyond holding your phone up to a museum exhibit or movie poster to get bombarded with an ad. You could make use of “tap-to-pair” functionality for linking Bluetooth speakers and other accessories to your iPhone, something Android allows and a big workaround to obnoxious wireless pairing woes. Apple could also let the iPhone’s NFC chip support transit passes or workplace keycards. You could imagine Apple releasing a general-purpose app, or build new features into the existing Wallet app, that let you manage NFC data exchanges as if they were just like airline boarding passes, movie tickets, or coupons.Of course, this is all speculative. But it’s promising news for those eager to turn their iPhone into a kind of one-stop-shop for all their mobile wallet and authentication needs. If Apple can get developers and others — even companies trying to promote new movies and attractions or even just sell ads — to come onboard, NFC could take on a larger role in the iOS ecosystem.

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